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()c) doc bYear 13 A2 Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 13 January 2002

Good memories!

My last GCSE Science-Chemistry-Physics class Set 10DE1 Whitby Community College 2002-2003()c) doc b

Year 12 AS Advanced Level Salters Chemistry Students at Whitby Community College Year 12 January 2002

Granddaughter Baby Niamh at nearly 6 months! First experiment in molecular modelling!

No teething dribbling on the structure please! The greatest chemistry of all - the chemistry of life!

The very good Salters Year 13 A Level Chemistry Group 1995-1996 Whitby Community College (now Caedmon College, Whitby). From left to right: Che Gannarelli (now Dr, science-physics teacher ?), Graham ? (?), Georgia ? (?), Finn Nesbitt (Locum Consultant Anaesthetist ?), Doc B (retired 2003, heading for 70), Dan ? (?), Pam Scott (civil servant), Amy ? (?), Kerry ? (?). Below is the  Whitby Community chemistry laboratory where I worked for many years, all laid out in 1995-1996 for the upper 6th A level chemistry group (above) to do their Salters A-level chemistry project.

Picture of the week! A cheeky cat on the bird table!

Niamh doing a bit of gardening science!


Two mother cats, two litters of kittens, everything evenly shared out in the same basket, an ideal society !!!

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