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The KS3 Biology Multiple Choice Questions

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* KS3 Science multiple Choice Quizzes, worksheets practice questions for pupils revising Key Stage 3 science  questions revision help for secondary students *

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(4) The quizzes are based on the original QCA schemes of work, so individual school KS3 science courses may not coincide completely, but the quizzes should cover most of what is done in biology in a typical Y7, Y8 or Y9 course and should help with  revision.

(5) A small proportion questions are deliberately very challenging and more like GCSE level, but only the odd one! and most cover the full range of ability of KS3 science students.

(6) PLEASE NOTE to minimise stress levels: Quiz sections 1. to 4. can be done by Year 7, 8 or 9 (Y7, Y8 or Y9) KS3 science students, quizzes 5. to 8. suitable for Year 8 or Year 9 students only and quizzes 9. to 12. for Year 9 (Y9) students ONLY.

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10 Q multiple choice question KS3 Science-BIOLOGY quizzes

  1. 7A Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 7AQUIZ 7A on "Cells" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on types of plant and animal cells, idea of plant and animal organs, functions of cells (from 83 Q's)

  2. 7B Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 7B ReproductionQUIZ 7B on "Reproduction" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on human reproductive organs, sperm/egg cells, fertilisation, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth (from 48 Q's)

  3. 7C Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 7C Environment & feeding relationshipsQUIZ 7C on "Environment & feeding relationships" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on different environments and habitats, food chains, adaptations (from 77 Q's)

  4. 7D Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 7D Variation and classificationQUIZ 7D on "Variation and classification" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on classification/differences - plants, animals, vertebrates and invertebrates (from 54 Q's)

  5. 8A Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 8A Food and digestionQUIZ 8A on "Food and digestion" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on the importance of food, types of food in a balanced diet, the digestive system, action of acid/alkali/enzymes in breaking down food (from 58 Q's)

  6. 8B Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 8B RespirationQUIZ 8B on "Respiration" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on link between digestion and respiration, chemistry of respiration, transport of substances involved in respiration, function of the lungs (from 47 Q's)

  7. 8C Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 8C Microbes and diseasesQUIZ 8C on "Microbes and diseases" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on micro-organisms, function of yeast, causes of disease, prevention/cure of disease, the bodies defence systems, medicines and immunisation (from 39 Q's)

  8. 8D Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 8D Ecological relationshipsQUIZ 8D on "Ecological relationships" KS3 Science Questions on food webs, population changes e.g. predator-prey relationship, pyramid of numbers (from 78 Q's)

  9. 9A Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 9A Inheritance and selectionQUIZ 9A on "Inheritance and selection" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on inherited characteristics, effect of environment on characteristics, variation in offspring, selective breeding for particular character, cloning (from 65 Q's)

  10. 9B Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 9B Fit and healthyQUIZ 9B on "Fit and healthy" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on the respiratory system, respiration chemistry, fitness levels, importance of diet, effects of drugs and alcohol, how healthy are we? (from 68 Q's)

  11. 9C Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 9C Plants and photosynthesisQUIZ 9C on "Plants and photosynthesis" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on function of the parts of plants, how they grow, role of leaves and photosynthesis chemistry, environmental importance of plants (from 40 Q's)

  12. 9D Notes : KS3 Biology Quiz - 9D Plants for foodQUIZ 9D on "Plants for food" KS3 Science-Biology Questions on food sources, uses of fertilisers and pesticides, competition for resources between plants, what are the best growing conditions for plants? (from 30 Q's)


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