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At the moment most of my GCSE physics notes are NOT organised under a general index, but there a plenty on my site.

Gradually, this situation will be amended as I convert the expanded AQA GCSE physics, Edexcel GCSE physics, OCR (gateway science physics and 21st Century Science physics) exam board summary notes into 'stand alone' physics notes.

Links will then be added to this physics index page as the gcse physics section develops

This will take some time, but in the mean time you can use MY Google search box at the bottom of the page to search for information on any physics topic.

Energy and power supplies revision notes index

Energy resources and their uses - a general survey

Renewable energy (1) Wind power and solar power

Renewable energy (2) Hydroelectric power and geothermal power

Renewable energy (3) Wave power and tidal power

Biofuels, renewables and non-renewables

The 'National Grid' power supply


Heat Transfer and explaining physical changes and physical properties using a particle model notes index

Introduction to heat transfer - conduction (and thermal conductivity), convection and radiation

Specific heat capacity: How to determine it, use of data, calculations and thermal energy stores

More on methods of reducing heat transfer eg in a house and investigating insulating properties of materials

Particle theory models, internal energy, heat transfer in state changes and latent heat and particle motion in gases (written more from a 'physics' point of view)

The density of materials and the particle model of matter


States of matter, state changes and gas laws revision notes index

Particle models of gases–liquids–solids, explaining properties, state changes (written more from a 'chemistry' point of view)

P-V-T pressure-volume-temperature gas laws and calculations (for physicists or chemists!)


Waves revision notes index

The Structure of the Earth , crust, mantle, core and earthquake waves (seismic waves)


Radioactivity and nuclear physics revision notes index

Atomic structure, fundamental particles and radioactivity

What it is an atom like?, quarks and proton & neutron structure

What is Radioactivity? Why does it happen? Three types of atomic-nuclear-ionising radiation

Detection of radioactivity, its measurement and radiation dose units

Ionising radiation sources - radioactive materials, background radiation

Alpha, beta & gamma radiation - properties of 3 types of radioactive nuclear emission & symbols

The dangers of radioactive emissions - health and safety issues and ionising radiation

Uses of radioactive isotopes emitting alpha, beta (+/–) or gamma radiation in industry and medicine

The half-life of a radioisotope - how long does material remain radioactive? implications!

Uses of decay data and half-life values archaeological radiocarbon dating, dating rocks

What actually happens to the nucleus in alpha and beta radioactive decay? nuclear equations!

The production of radioisotopes - artificial sources of radioactive-isotopes, cyclotron

Nuclear fusion reactions and the formation of 'heavy elements' by bombardment techniques

Nuclear Fission Reactions, nuclear power as an energy resource

Cosmology revision notes index

The Big Bang Theory of the Universe, the red-shift and microwave background radiation


Below are links for my revision pages for the NEW GCSE 9-1 science courses with first exams May-June 2018

Revision Summaries for the new GCSE PHYSICS courses that started with Y10 in Sept. 2016

AQA GCSE Physics 8463 1st Paper (Topics 1-4, Combined Science Trilogy Physics 1 Topics 18-21)

AQA GCSE Physics 8463 2nd Paper (Topics 5-8, Combined Science Trilogy Physics 2 Topics 22-24)

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physics  1st Paper (Topics 1-7 & Combined Science Chemistry 2 Topics 1-8)

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physics 2nd Paper (Topics 1, 8-15 & Combined Science Chemistry 2 Topics 1, 8-10, 12-15)

OCR (9-1) Gateway Science GCSE Physics A 1st Paper (Topics P1-4 & Combined Science A physics 1 Topics P1-4)

OCR (9-1) Gateway Science GCSE Physics2nd Paper (Topics P5-8 & Combined Science A physics 1 Topics P5-8)

OCR (9-1) 21st Century Science GCSE Physics B Chapters P1-3 (Chapters P1-3, GCSE Combined Science B physics)

OCR (9-1) 21st Century Science GCSE Physics B Chapters P4-6 (Chapters P4-6, GCSE Combined Science B physics)

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  λ   – ∆Δ Δ θ –  –  ρ  α β  β+ γ Ω × π  ½  ¾  ¼  ∕  ÷  + = < << >> >  ~
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