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My HOMEPAGE - North Yorkshire Moors Railway LineHOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's PicsNorth Yorkshire Moors Railway Scenes

Walks where NYMR trains can be viewed from Grosmont to Levisham

and all in the North York Moors National Park!

 My North Yorkshire Moors Railway Index

All the locations are listed from North to South and an OS Map helps too!

Grosmont Station serves both the NYMR and the Middlesbrough-Whitby Network Rail line

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Whitby-Middlesbrough train coming in on the left and NYMR's Pullman coaches and waiting steam train on the right.


There is always plenty of action at Grosmont Station with trains heading south to Goathland, Newtondale Halt, Levisham and Pickering as well as trains north to Whitby.


On the platform is a dedication to railway men and women who gave their lives in the service of Britain's Railways in the 2nd World War.


The level crossing and signal gantry and in the other direction you look into the tunnel before moving on to the viewing points, Grosmont Locomotive Depot - the 'shed' and the 'Rail Trail' upto Beckhole.


You walk over the level crossing and head along the path to several viewing positions across from a neatly designed and pretty NYMR GROSMONT garden. Trains for Pickering are readily viewed heading out of Pickering station and into the tunnel.

You continue over the footbridge across the Murk Esk river passing up by the original railway tunnel.

After crossing the  Murk Esk footbridge you have two choices. You can head through the tunnel to view the locomotives in Grosmont railway sheds and yards being prepared for a days work from greasing to coaling up. You can also view locomotives in the works were they are restored to a fully working condition.




Alternatively, preferably as well, you can head up passing on the left the church of St Matthew ...

... which has a large 'erratic' boulder of Shap granite brought from the north-west in an early glaciation.

Continuing on the footpath you can look back down onto Grosmont and its station, before continuing on the footpath parallel with the Grosmont sheds and sidings.


Overlooking the railway shed yard at Grosmont.


Further along you come to Esk valley which has a neat row of cottages and plenty of viewing spots. An old water tank rests in peace amongst the wild flowers and butterflies.


The row of cottages at Esk Valley



You then continues on the 'Rail Trail' heading south to Beckhole.

The plaque amongst the wild flowers and lush greenery



You cross over the footbridge which is built using the piers of the bridge from the first Whitby-Pickering railway.


The trains are passing on embankment on the east side of the valley west of Green End as you walk along the 'Rail Trail'.


Walking along the original railway track bed of the horse and carriage railway up from Eskdale and Grosmont to Beckhole you pass through some lovely countryside plus the occasional sights and sounds of the steam trains of the NYMR


In several places you walk past the old foundations of the original bridges over the river ...


... and at one point there is a lovely wooden sculpture seat to remind you of the horse drawn railway carriages carrying the no doubt very excited passengers!


Heading for Darnholm and Beckhole.

Heading for Darnholm passed bridge 30 which urgently needed replacing and has been successfully replaced.


Beckhole and the Thomason Foss path.

There is a point on the 'cul-de-sac' walk to Thomason Foss where you are precariously perched on a high footpath right next to the line.


A fine stone bridge from the original Whitby-Pickering railway line, just south of Beckhole, which is now crossed by the 'Rail-Trail' from Grosmont to Goathland.


An old railway cottage and the incline of the original railway upto Beckhole.


View of the NYMR train from the road bridge above Beckhole where this a very popular pub cum cafe!


Goathland Station, like Levisham, another short double track section to allow trains to pass each other after stopping at Goathland station.


Moorgates is another good viewing spot and a favourite with railway photographers.


There is a footpath that crosses the NYMR line just west of Eller Beck Bridge, just above which, is some parking space.


There is some superb walking along the east cliffs above Newtondale from which you see the trains leaving Newtondale Halt from which you have to flag the train down to stop - politely known as a 'request stop'.



Levisham Station from which you can do some good walks north upto Skelton Tower to look down on the trains which look like a model railway!


Plenty of action at Levisham station because here trains must pass on a short double track section including the station platforms. A token system operates which only allows one train at a time on a section of the mainly single track railway for obvious safety reasons.



Pickering Station where the locomotives have to shuffle round to the front for the return journey to Grosmont.




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My HOMEPAGE - North Yorkshire Moors Railway Line My North Yorkshire Moors Railway Index

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