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 Diesel & Electric Traction at York Station


'Little and Large'!



1885 Festiniog Railway locomotive LIVINGSTON THOMPSON

This Festiniog Railway locomotive LIVINGSTON THOMPSON was built at Boston Lodge Works in 1885. This double boiler and one joint firebox Robert Fairlie design allows a more powerful small narrow gauge engine to working on sharp curves because of the swivel bogie system allows great flexibility.

Originally built at the Boston Lodge works to a Fairlie's Patent design, as No 3 in 1885, it was rebuilt at the same Boston Lodge Works in 1905.


Year 1887 WREN a tiny narrow gauge works locomotive

WREN is the last survivor of eight 0-4-0 18 inch narrow gauge saddle tank locomotives built by Beyer Peacock & Company in Manchester for the internal railway that was used to transport heavy loads around the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company's Works at Horwich, east Lancashire.



Year 1889 LMS 10621 and BR 50621.

This Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 2-4-2T tank engine was built at Horwich Locomotive Works in 1889 to a design by Aspinall. L & Y R 1008 became LMS 10621 and BR 50621.


Year 1891 (1) eventually BR 65243 MAUDE

65243 MAUDE


65243 MAUDE (LNER 9673, NBR 5243) was designed by Holmes as NBR Class C and became LNER Class J36. This 0-6-0 locomotive was built in 1891

1891 (2) LILLA 0-4-0T locomotive

LILLA is an 0-4-0 saddle tank narrow gauge locomotive built by the Hunslet Engineering Company of Leeds in 1891


On the roundhouse turntable LNWR express passenger locomotive 'Precedent' Class 790, LMS 5031, named "HARDWICKE" and built in Crewe Works in 1892 for working the north west mainline.


The proud and colourful insignia of the London & North Western railway Company (LNWR).



1897 LSWR tank engine235 became BR 30245

Class M7 0-4-4T tank engine designed by Drummond for the LSWR company and built at Nine Elms Works in 1897. It was numbered as LSWR 245, SR E245 & 245 and BR 30245. Here it is 'guarded' by several ancient fire engines!

Year 1873 LMS locomotive 673

Midland 115 Class "Spinner" 4-2-2 locomotive LMS 673 (MR 118, 673) built at Derby in 1897 as an express passenger locomotive.

The driving cab of Midland Railway 673

Year 1901 SR 4-4-0 locomotive 737

Ex South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) Class D 4-4-0 locomotive 737 (SR A737-1737, BR 31737 numbers) built at Ashford locomotive works in 1901 to a design by Wainright SECR design, no doubt pulling splendid carriages like the one below! Lovely polished brass work.

A luxury coach from the Victorian period of railway expansion



1904 GER tank engine 87, BR locomotive 68633

GER tank engine 87, BR locomotive 68633 is a Great Eastern Railway 0-6-0T tank engine was built at Stratford in 1904 and worked the line to Enfield.


 This Holden design engine became BR number 68633


Ex LNER 7087-8622 Class J69

1905 (1) NER 0-6-0 locomotive 8217, became BR loco 65567

Holden GER locomotive design, ex LNER 8217-5567, ex BR 65567 Class J17 0-6-0 built at Stratford Works in 1905.



1905 (2) GWR heavy freight locomotive 2818

Above/below photographs of 2818 were taken at Shildon NRM


Above/below: At York NRM: Ex GWR/BR 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotive 2818 built in Swindon 1905 to a design by J. G. Churchward.

The 2800/28XX Class were amongst the most powerful heavy freight locomotives built by the Great Western Railway.

The driving cab of GWR 2-8-0 freight locomotive 2818 - somewhat exposed to the weather and elements! - it must have been quite rough working as the driver or fireman on the footplate in the winter!



Year 1907 GWR express passenger locomotive 4003 LODE STAR

The 4000 express passenger class 4-6-0 locomotive 4003 LODE STAR.


The locomotive name plate of  4003 LODE STAR above the central driving wheel and the shining brass pipes and controls in the driver's cab.


A Great Western Railway express locomotive built at Swindon in 1907, and a forerunner of the famous Castle and King Class locomotives of the GWR.




60103 FLYING SCOTSMAN at the York NRM May Bank Holiday 2011. The Flying Scotsman was built at the famous Doncaster Plant in 1923 and worked as an express passenger locomotive hauling express passenger trains from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley.


60103 was the first steam locomotive hauling a train of carriages to officially exceed the speed 100 mph. Here 60103 FLYING SCOTSMAN has been painted in wartime (WWII) black livery.

The Flying Scotsman held several LNER numbers namely 103, 502, and 1472 & 4472 as well



Year 1925 An early electric train unit built by the Southern Railway

It seems surprisingly early to see electric multiple units working on the Southern Railway on suburban passenger trains , but there were more than you think! especially as we were building steam locomotives until 1960!


S 8143/1293/4308 DMBT 1285 class, later 3 Sub suburban units working in south east England



Another collection of number and name plates: THE YORK AND AINSTY, SIR DANIEL GOOCH (Castle Class), VALOUR, IRONSIDE, 605, 5070, IRONSIDE, CHANNEL PACKET (Merchant Navy Class), DRAKE, CHARON, D 1000 (D1000), SIR LAMIEL (King Arthur Class)

There is a great model railway operating in the York NRM


Icons-emblems for locomotive depot plates for diesel or electric locomotives



A London and North Eastern Railway Company poster advertising LNER trains to the seaside resort of Scarborough in Yorkshire.


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 Steam at York (1) * Steam at York (2) * Steam at York (3) * Diesel & Electric Traction at York Station



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