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More trips to Shildon NRM and Shildon's Railway History 

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More locomotives, wagons, carriages and a bit of industrial archaeology-history

LNER Class V2 2-6-2 No. 4771 GREEN ARROW (Ex British Railways NE region BR No. 60800) was designed by the great LNER engineer Nigel Gresley for express passenger and freight trains. She was built at Doncaster in 1936 and worked mainly on the East Coast mainline.


GREEN ARROW is a beautiful looking locomotive and knows it!


Driving wheels, cylinders, valve gear and link motion of 4771.


4771 was built at the famous 'Plant' works at Doncaster in 1936.

Worsdell NER Class M1 (later class M and LNER Class D17) number 1621 , this handsome 4-4-0 locomotive was built in 1893 at Gateshead Works.

Model of the Rocket?

0-4-0ST Saddle Tank engine No. 7063 EUSTACE FORTH was built by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorne Ltd. at the  Forth Banks Works in Newcastle in 1942. This wagon shunting steam engine worked as locomotive No. 15 at Dunston Power Station.

Above is Hunslet 0-6-0ST saddle tank shunter 3183 once 'King Feisal of Iraq' awaiting restoration at Shildon NRM (built 1944).

Below is JUNO HE 3850 0-6-0ST saddle tank locomotive This was a Hunslet Austerity design locomotive built in 1958



Awaiting restoration, North Eastern Railway Class J21 engine No 65033 0-6-0 freight locomotive specially designed for working heavy coal and iron ore trains on the NER. The locomotive (LNER locomotive 876, NER 5033) was designed by the NER's Chief Mechanical Engineer T W Worsdell and built at the NER North Road Works in Darlington in 1889.

AND now looks a lot better, in a somewhat austere BRITISH RAILWAY black livery!

LMS Stanier locomotive 45170 2-8-0 8F freight locomotive designed for the London Midland and Scottish railway to haul heavy freight. At the outbreak of WWW II the class was chosen to be the UK's standard freight design. 45170 was exported to Turkey and was in regular use on Turkish State Railways until the 1980s. It was not a great success and couldn't cope with the steep gradients so was relegated to shunting and local freight trains. See another of these Turkish Stanier 8Fs restored to full working order 45160 on the Great Central Railway GR8 Escape April 2011


Narrow gauge locomotive Sierra Leone Railways SLR 85 built in 1954 by The Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd (loco number 3818)

RDB 975874, a four-wheeled diesel railbus built by BR Derby/Leyland in 1977, designed for working rural branch lines?


Diesel mechanical shunting locomotive Rowntree No. 3 is a Ruston and Hornsby Class 88DS that was made for the chocolate manufacture in 1960.

One of the prototype APT-E - high speed advanced passenger train - experimental version.

There is good access and plenty of space for disabled people to move around in.

The 'tilting' Advanced Passenger Train-Experimental was built at British Rail's Derby Works in 1973 and was powered by gas turbine engines. It was designed by aeronautical engineers to work at speeds up to 150 mph on conventional traditional railway tracks. Its maximum speed was 50% faster than existing express passenger trains and 40% faster on curved sections of track.

No. 75S was the Waterloo and City electric shunting locomotive to move trains of carriages in around rolling stock depots. It was built by Siemens for the London and South Western Railway, owners of the Waterloo and City tube line in 1898 - note how old this electric locomotive is!

Some of Shildon's Railway History - A bit of industrial railway archaeology

Four other sections other than the main rolling stock museum

No 1 The Locomotion Welcome Building Reception Centre

Timothy Hackworth's original pioneering steam locomotive SANS PAREIL built at Shildon in 1829. It stands in the reception centre in the northern part of the Shildon Railway, which itself was a Sunday School for the Wesleyan Chapel. Museum In 1825 the first ever passenger steam train was hauled from Stockton to Darlington.

No 2 Timothy Hackworth's House

The house built for Timothy Hackworth in Shildon who was the first New Shildon Works manager. Timothy Hackworth was one of the great early locomotive pioneers and engineer to the Stockton and Darlington Railway. Behind the house was the site of the Soho Works opened by Hackworth in 1832 to build locomotives for the Stockton and Darlington Railway and other railway companies.

No 3 The Soho Shed

New Shildon's oldest surviving industrial building!

It was not part of the original Soho railway works, and once was a warehouse, but it is near the site of the original Soho Works and has strong railway connections e.g. the North Eastern Railway (NER) used it as paint shop.

In the Soho Shed are some very old wooden wagons from early days of County Durham coal mining.


Haven't they lasted well!


In the Soho Shed is the 'remains' of a 'mystery' 0-6-0 locomotive. This locomotive was thought to be the BRADDYLL built by Timothy Hackworth BUT research seems to indicate that it is the NELSON built by Thomas Hackworth, brother of Timothy, and George Fossick of Stockton-on-Tees.



No 4 The Goods Shed

The 'Goods Shed' was the centre of local freight distribution in Shildon from 1857. Goods arrived by train and then distributed horse dray until the advent of motor vehicles.


The goods shed currently houses a wooden goods brake van.

Some miscellaneous items

The coal drops or coal staithes were used to fuel locomotives on the S&DR (the pioneering Stockton and Darlington Railway). A great 'gradual' stonework arcade to produce a gradient that wagons of coal could be hauled or pushed up.

Shildon station was opened in 1825 but, sadly, the original station was demolished in 1973-1974. The 'modern station' is part of the line from Darlington to Bishop Auckland. The above pictures show Shildon signal box and a 'residual' mechanical lever arm semaphore signal.

An assortment of old railway carriages and goods wagons in Shildon NRM

A beautifully restored LNER guard's carriage?


The right wagon is hauled by the replica SANS PAREIL occasionally, the wagon on the left was used to carry waste from a sewage works.


A wagon for military use e.g. hauling tanks.


A general goods wagon or for carrying live stock?


A long goods van for carrying?

XU 362 is a 1924 12/50 'Duck's Back' Alvis that was owned by Tim Rolt (1910-1974) as his general run-around in the early days of the Vintage Sports Car Club and in 1959 Tim drove this car on the newly being built M1 motorway and so was possibly the first private car to use the M1.

A SR Remembrance class locomotive was named HACKWORTH in honour of Timothy.

The engineering workshop at Shildon - looks like the steam boiler and mechanism of a steam driven crane?

 See also Locomotion PART 1 




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