Doc Brown's Chemistry - Earth Science & Geology Revision Notes

for KS4 Science, GCSE, IGCSE & O Level Courses


1. The EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE past, present and future?

Gases in air, carbon cycle, origin of life, evolution of earth's atmosphere, separating & using gases from air, our ever changing atmosphere, how do we know about past atmospheres?

Where has today's atmosphere come from? How did our atmosphere evolve? What gases were in the Earth's first atmosphere? What changes have taken place in the history of the Earth's atmosphere? What is the percentage % composition of the Earth's atmosphere? How can we determine the percentage of oxygen in air? What were the constituent gases of the early atmosphere of the Earth? What part does the Carbon Cycle play in the composition of the Earth's atmosphere? Is our atmosphere still changing? How do we find out about our past atmosphere? Read on ...!

Section 1A OUR ATMOSPHERE - composition, determining % oxygen, uses of gases in air

Section 1B RECYCLING OF GASES - carbon cycle, global warming, oxygen balance and photosynthesis,

and past ancient atmospheres, changes due to man's activities

Section 1C EVOLUTION OF EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE - changes over billions of years, origin of life

Please note that the original page GeoChangesANS01 is now split into three section pages A, B & C

GCSE/IGCSE/O Level KS4 Earth Science-Geology ANSWER-REVISION-NOTES 1. Evolution of the Earth's atmosphere, Gases in Air, Carbon Cycle, Origin of Life ... 2. Rock Cycle, Types of rock ... 3. Weathering of Rocks ... 4. Igneous Rocks ... 5. Sedimentary Rocks ... 6. Metamorphic Rocks ... 7. The Layered Structure of the Earth ... 8. Tectonic plate theory, Wegener's theory, evidence for continental drift ... 9. More on Plate Tectonics, effects of plate movement, volcanoes, earthquakes, faults etc. ... 10. A few geology and atmosphere notes on the Moon and Planets




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