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Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic KS4 science GCSE/IGCSE Revision Notes - Factors affecting the Speed-Rates of Chemical Reactions

1. What do we mean by the rate/speed of reaction? An INTRODUCTION to REACTION RATES

Why is it important to know how fast reactions occur?

How can we measure the speed or rate of a chemical reaction?

Experimental methods are described in this introduction & subsequent sections

2. Collision theory of chemical reaction rate factors A general introduction, then applied to sections 3a to 3e

3. Factors affecting the speed/rate of a chemical reaction: (* considered the four principal rate controlling factors)

3a Effect on rate of changing reactant concentration in a solution/gas mixture *

3b Effect on rate of changing pressure in reacting gases (gaseous equivalent of 3a)

3c Effect on rate of changing particle size/surface area * & stirring of a solid reactant

3d Effect on rate of changing the temperature of reactants *

3e Effect on rate of using a catalyst in a chemical reaction *

3f Light initiated reactions - effect of changing intensity

4. Examples of graphs of rate data, interpretation a summing up of ways your rate data can be analysed and interpreted

Some ideas to help you with RISK ASSESSMENT when designing and performing 'Rates of Reaction' experiments and many other experimental procedures. Some aspects listed are applicable to 'rates/kinetics' assignments, others are not applicable at all. Its up to you to decide!

See also Advanced Level Chemistry Theory pages on "CHEMICAL KINETICS"



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