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Factors affecting the Speed-Rates of Chemical Reactions


1. What do we mean by the rate/speed of reaction? An INTRODUCTION to REACTION RATES

How can we measure the speed or rate of a chemical reaction?

Experimental methods are described in this introduction & subsequent sections

2. Collision theory of chemical reaction rate factors A general introduction, then applied to sections 3a to 3e

3. Factors affecting the speed/rate of a chemical reaction: (* considered the four principal rate controlling factors)

3a Effect of changing reactant concentration in solution *

3b Effect of changing pressure in reacting gases (gaseous equivalent of 3a)

3c Effect of changing particle size/surface area * & stirring of a solid reactant

3d Effect of changing the temperature of reactants *

3e Effect of using a catalyst in a chemical reaction *

3f Light initiated reactions

4. Examples of graphs of rate data, interpretation a summing up of ways your rate data can be analysed and interpreted

See also Advanced Level Chemistry Theory pages on "CHEMICAL KINETICS"



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