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 Interesting places to visit walking around Prague - Capital of the Czech Republic

2. Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Powder Gate (Prasna Brana), Grand Cafe Orient

One of  entrances into the Church of Our Lady before Tyn

On the right is The Church of Our Lady before Tyn is on the east side of the Old Town Square. Its Gothic towers and steeples are the most distinctive landmark of the Old Town and construction began in 1365 and was the main Hussite church in Prague. Between the bases of the spires is a solid gold effigy of the Virgin Mary - it even stands out on a grey damp day!


The Gothic towers of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn and the carved arches of the door.


Details of one the very elaborately and beautifully carved arches of the north door of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn and this amazing portal dates from 1390 and depicts scenes of Christ's Passion.


The richly and ornately adorned Gothic-Renaissance-Baroque interior of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn. The astronomer and astrologer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) is buried here.


Two more views of the 14th and 15th century Gothic towers and spires of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn.

Even in the narrowest of streets in the Old Town you soon seem to come across the towers!




The Powder Gate (Prasna Brana) on the eastern edge of the old town. There has been a gate here since the 11th century, one of 13 entrances to the Old Town. In 1475 King Vladislav laid the foundation stone of the New Tower as it was to be called and it was modelled on Peter Parlour's Old Town bridge tower built a century before.


Details of the other side of the Powder Gate. Both sides are richly carved with classic Gothic sculptured decoration. The gate acquired its current name because it was used as a gunpowder store in 17th century.


A vintage van near ??

More wonderful buildings! Dum U Ceske orlice - The House of the Czech (Bohemian) Eagle, situated in the Frcuit market (the old fruit market ?) is a Renaissance style building by B Ohmann from 1897.


The Grand Cafe Orient - euros gladly accepted! This cafe is on the first floor of the House of the Black Madonna. This building is an example of the unique Czech contribution to the cubist movement in terms of architecture and glass (and, but not shown, furniture and pottery too).

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