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 Interesting places to visit walking around Prague - Capital of the Czech Republic

5. Other buildings in Town Hall Square - Old Town Square

On the north side of the Old Town Square is the Baroque Church of St Nicholas (Old Town), built in 1735 to replace earlier medieval churches from 12th and 14th centuries.


The twin tall gothic towers of the Church of Our lady before Tyn.  On the left is the stunning Rococo Golz-Kinsky Palace which is now an art gallery. In the middle is The House at the Stone Bell.


On the left is the Jan Hus Monument and on the right the magnificent Golz-Kinsky Palace on the east side of Old Town Square. Jan Hus is a symbol of integrity and the monument depicts the highest and lowest points of Czech history.


Left building: (detailed picture below left) The medieval-Gothic House of the Stone Bell

Middle building: (detailed picture below right) Church of Our Lady before Tyn, the entrance arcade in front contains Gothic rib vaulting from the 14th century (detailed picture further down).

Right building: A pale yellow Romanesque arcaded house with an 18th century facade

Left: You can see the stone bell 1/3rd the way up on the right hand corner.

Right: The gold effigy of the Virgin Mary on the Tyn Church.


The Gothic rib vaulting of the arcades in the entrance to the Church of our Lady before Tyn.


Some of the buildings on the north side of Old Town Square beyond the Jan Hus Monument. On the left (pale) ?, in the middle (pink) ? and on the right (pale yellow) ?

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