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 Interesting places to visit walking around Prague - Capital of the Czech Republic

1. From the Karlin District Hotel to the Old Jewish Quarter

 Buildings in the Karlin district near the Hotel Ibis where we stayed in Prague. The Ibis Hotel in the Karlin District of Prague proved a good place to stay on our Leger Holidays Silver Service holidays tour to Prague in the Czech Republic etc. The facilities for tourists excellent including good food, comfortable rooms, splendid breakfasts and evening meals. It is a short tram ride to the main tourist centres and even around the hotel itself there are some fine buildings to admire. A coach trip into town and a guided tour round the old city was just the job for our brief stay in the capital city of Prague (Praha).


The coach brought is down to the centre of Prague on a rather grey start to the day's tour, starting at the Cechuv most bridge with the yellow pillars crossing the River Vltava.


Some interesting architectural features on some of the buildings between Cechuv most bridge and the Jewish Quarter. Can anyone tell me what this building is?



On the left is the Old New Synagogue and in front is the facade and clock tower of the 16th century Jewish Town Hall.


The north and west sides of the Old New Synagogue built around 1270 and one of the earliest Gothic buildings in Prague.


On the left is the remaining 'fragment' of the Jewish market and ahead is the attractive building of the neo-Romanesque Ceremonial Hall




The Jewish Cemetery above the Jewish Market, founded in 1478. Because the Jews were restricted to their 'ghetto' space was limited for burials, so new earth was laid and new burials added so that the cemetery has grown in height well above street level and upto twelve layers deep. 12,000 gravestones are crammed into the tiny space but it is estimated 100,000 people are buried here, the last one in 1787.


Everywhere you turn there are beautifully restored buildings including the one housing the Spolecnost Franze Kafky - the house of the Franz Kafka Society dedicated to his contribution to European literature.



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