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14b. SALTS MILL Art Galleries (David Hockney exhibitions), Shops, Cafes etc.

Scenes in West Yorkshire

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SALTS MILL, Saltaire


The old Salts Mill in Saltaire has been transformed over the past few years into quite a cultural complex including a book shop - most on art and literature, The 1853 gallery with art displays, books and art materials, plus several other galleries, David Hockney's exhibtion "Arrival of Spring", Cafe in the Opera, Poster Shop, "People and Process" exhibition, things for the 'home', Carlton antiques shop, Saltaire history exhibition, Espresso Bar, Kath Libbert Jewellery, All Terain Cycles, Trek and Trail for outdoor gear, Early Music Shop - fantastic array of instruments and also home to the Yorkshire Music School.


Salts Mill, Saltaire, Yorkshire, David Hockney, 1997, oil on two canvasses








The entrance to the Salts Diner, Espresso Bar, Poster Shop, 'The Home' retail outlet and the 1853 Gallery which exhibits many works by David Hockney.








Some of the old machines from the New Mill.




SALTS 1853 Gallery













The 1883 Gallery















David Hockney Exhibition of Miscellaneous iphone/ipad images and the wonderful "Arrival of Spring" series

On the top floor






David Hockney's "The Arrival of Spring" exhibition on the top floor































Gallery 2 "Hockney Paints the Stage"

Hockney's work for the stage and beyond 'Carlton's Antiques'!










Early Music Centre, Salts Mill, Saltaire


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