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I appreciate SAT levels have gone, but I hope these KS3 physics Quizzes will still be of some use.

Although I've already produced some combined KS3 physics quizzes.

 I welcome suggestions from teachers so I may produce useful compilation KS3 physics quizzes suitable for any school doing KS3 physics and any KS3 physics scheme of work.

Copying of the KS3 physics quizzes is NOT permitted, but you can printout the KS3 physics questions to use in class or for homework.

The KS3 Physics Multiple Choice Questions

The KS3 Physics Questions are selected at random from big databases.

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(3) A small proportion of these KS3 physics questions are deliberately very challenging and more like GCSE level, but only the odd one! and most cover the full range of ability of KS3 science students.

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Multiple choice question KS3 PHYSICS Quizzes

  1. KS3 Physics Quiz - 7I Energy resources QUIZ 7I on "Energy resources" Questions on examples/properties/uses of fuel combustion, non-renewable energy resources like oil/coal/gas and their formation, renewable resources like solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass

  2. KS3 Physics Quiz - 7J Electrical circuits QUIZ 7J on "Electrical circuits" Questions on simple circuits, circuit symbols and components, current flow and ammeter readings, useful circuits - hazards and how they work

  3. KS3 Physics Quiz - 7K Forces and their effects QUIZ 7K on "Forces and their effects" Questions on types of force and their effects, density and floating, force meters, mass and weight, friction and braking

  4. KS3 Physics Quiz - 7L The solar system and beyond QUIZ 7L on "The solar system and beyond" Questions on Sun, Earth and Moon orbits, eclipses, phases of the Moon, what causes seasonal changes, the other planets of the solar system, other stars beyond our Sun

  5. KS3 Physics Quiz - 8I Heating and cooling QUIZ 8I on "Heating and cooling" Questions on measuring temperature with thermometer, heating and cooling, expansion and contraction, heat transfer - conduction, convection and radiation, insulation to reduce heat loss, changing state gas <=> liquid <=> solid e.g. melting, boiling, freezing and condensing

  6. KS3 Physics Quiz - 8J Magnets and electromagnets QUIZ 8J on "Magnets and electromagnets" Questions on magnetic materials, north and south poles, magnetic fields, electromagnets, uses of magnets

  7. KS3 Physics Quiz - 8K Light QUIZ 8K on "Light" Questions on reflection of light, mirrors, shadows, light bending, visible spectrum

  8. KS3 Physics Quiz - 8L Sound and hearing QUIZ 8L on "Sound and hearing" Questions on sound waves, pitch/frequency, loudness/amplitude, comparing speed of light/sound, hearing - function of ear

  9. KS3 Physics Quiz - 9I Energy and electricity QUIZ 9I on "Energy and electricity" Questions on how we use energy, energy transfer using electrical circuits, cost of electricity, making electricity, how can we reduce energy waste?

  10. KS3 Physics Quiz - 9J Gravity and space QUIZ 9J on "Gravity and space" Questions on understanding gravity, mass and weight, the Solar System, planet orbits, satellites and their uses

  11. KS3 Physics Quiz - 9K Speeding up QUIZ 9K on "Speeding up" Questions on understanding the relationship between speed, distance and time, the connection between forces, speed and friction, understanding parachuting

  12. KS3 Physics Quiz - 9L Pressure and moments QUIZ 9L on "Pressure and moments" Questions on pressure, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, levers, moments and balancing situations

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