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 Non-communicable diseases: 5. The value of drugs - medications to help fight medical conditions

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(5) The value of drugs - medications to help fight non-communicable medical conditions

A drug is a substance that affects how the body works e.g. how the organs function.

There are legal drugs like antibiotics, caffeine in tea or coffee, aspirin, ibuprofen and codeine for reducing pain and inflammation.

Drugs can be addictive where the body (you) feels the need for more of the drug on a regular basis.

If you stop taking the drug your body responds with withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, shivering, sweating and sickness.

Illegal drugs like ecstasy, amphetamines like speed, cannabis, cocaine, heroin

Recreational drugs are those used for enjoyment as opposed to use in medical treatments, they may be legal or illegal.

Drugs can affect the vast majority of life processes of the human body e.g.

The movement of parts of the body - drugs that affect the brain affect movement and senses.

Sexual reproduction creating offspring.

The responses and reactions of our sensory organs of detection - eyes-sight, skin-touch, ears-sound, nose-smell

Response to food, our nutrition.

Waste excretion functions - drugs can affect the function of the colon, liver, bladder and kidney

Respiration and breathing.

For a wider discussion on drugs see (6) Types of drugs, legal, illegal - lifestyle choices



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