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16a. Hull (4) The Maritime Museum, River Hull, Museum Quarter, Wilberforce Museum

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The Maritime Museum is in Queen Victoria Square in the heart of Hull, and is housed in what was once the 2nd built Docks Office of the Port of Kingston-Upon-Hull.

It is a free museum and well worth a visit and the staff were most friendly and helpful.

Hull's Maritime Museum has exhibits dating from the Bronze Age to the medieval period of Hull and right up to the 20th century.

However, the main focus of the Maritime Museum is the maritime history of Hull in the 19th century with an emphasis on the fishing industry.


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Hull Maritime Museum: The Titanic was just bound to figure somewhere in the museum 100 years after it was sunk by an iceberg.

AND e.g. see below look at some of the historic ships in the Hull Marina docks complex

... and then the exterior architecture of the Maritime Museum ..


Hull Maritime Museum: The fine building was the 3rd Docks Office built.


Hull Maritime Museum: Two old cannons outside the Maritime Museum building in Queen Victoria Square.


... and then interior and content of Hull's maritime museum.

Hull Maritime Museum: Beautiful rooms and many fine paintings depicting the maritime history of Kingston-upon-Hull and the River Humber.


Hull Maritime Museum: Such magnificent decoration in the main hall.


Hull Maritime Museum: Marble columns galore.


All around the walls above the pillars are a whole series of figures and coats of arms.

Hull Maritime Museum:


Hull Maritime Museum:


Hull Maritime Museum:


Hull Maritime Museum:


Hull Maritime Museum: The whalebone seat.


Hull Maritime Museum: Life-casts of Uckaluk & Memiadluk (their story below) and Captain John Parker by the Hull sculptor William Keyworth


The blubber pot, views of the North Atlantic Right Whale skeleton and the Kongsberg 90mm whale cannon harpoon gun. The brutal history of whaling is very well illustrated.

Hull Maritime Museum:


Hull Maritime Museum:


Hull Maritime Museum: Whale identification chart.


Hull Maritime Museum: The history and design of fishing trawlers is well illustrated.


Hull Maritime Museum:


Hull Maritime Museum: Whaling in the north Atlantic off Greenland?


Hull Maritime Museum: Beautifully carved artefacts in baleen which is a substance some whales have instead of teeth.


Hull Maritime Museum: The importance of the London & North Eastern Railway Company (LNER) in transporting fish and other goods from the docks to London and elsewhere to other cities and towns in England.


Hull Maritime Museum: A fishing boat - sailing ship before the days of steam and diesel engines!


Hull Maritime Museum: Two unknown ships figureheads from the 1840s-1880s (left) and early 1800s (right). Ships figureheads were often modelled on real women who the ship's were named after.


Hull Maritime Museum: Three more ships figureheads - from left to right ....

Figurehead of the London, Unknown, Figurehead of the Earl of Beaconsfield.


Hull Maritime Museum: The instruments used in the teaching and practice of the principles of navigation.

The River Hull











The Museum Quarter

Ye Olde Black Boy Inn, oldest pub in Hull, dating from 1729






The Wilberforce Slavery Museum in Wilberforce House









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