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14. A few nautical matters, the Scoresbys and Captain James Cook in Whitby

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Whitby: Heading down the bottom end of Flowergate to the Custom House on Pier Road


The old Custom House near the west side-east side swing bridge.

Whitby: The old 'round corned' Custom House near the west side-east side swing bridge.


Whitby: Near Whitby Harbour is a sculpture by Kevin Storch celebrating Whitby's maritime heritage including the important contributions of Captain Sir William Scoresby senior and his son. They were scientists, explorers and successful whaling captains. They sailed and charted the artic oceans laying the foundations for future polar exploration. William Scoresby junior experimented to improve the effectiveness of compasses and Scoresby senior invented the barrel shaped crow's in 1807.


The Scoresby chair in St Mary's Church.

Whitby: The Scoresby chair in St Mary's Church. While the Revd. William Scoresby was sailing the clipper "Royal Charter" to test compasses in an iron ship, it was wrecked off Anglesey in 1859. A chair was carved from the wreckage and presented to St Mary's Church in 1922.

Captain James Cook

Whitby: The statue of James Cook and the whalebone arch high up on West Cliff where he looks down on the ships passing to and fro.


Whitby: The house in Grape Lane, just on the east side of the wing bridge, is dated M. D. S. 1688 and houses the Captain Cook Memorial Museum


A visit by pupils from Castleton Community Primary School, a good example of using local amenities with the help of the friendly museum staff.


The Lifeboat

Whitby: The RNLI lifeboat moored in the lower harbour.

Whitby: The Whitby RNLI Lifeboat Museum - please donate to the RNLI

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