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28b. The Town of Lerwick and Harbour

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Lerwick is the main port of the Shetland Islands in Scotland, which are located more than 100 miles (160 km) off the north coast of mainland Scotland on the east coast of the Shetland Mainland.

The name Lerwick is from Old Norse and its local descendant, Norn, which was spoken in Shetland until the mid-19th century and the name "Lerwick" means bay of clay. The corresponding Norwegian name is Leirvik, leir meaning clay and vik meaning "bay" or "inlet".

 There is evidence of prehistoric human settlement in the Lerwick area dating back 3,000 years, centred on the Broch of Clickimin, which was constructed in the first century BC. The first settlement to be known as Lerwick was founded in the 17th century on Bressay Sound as a herring and white fish seaport to trade with the Dutch fishing fleet. Bressay Sound is a natural harbour with south and north entrances between the Shetland mainland and the island of Bressay.

Fort Charlotte was built in the mid 17th Century on Lerwick’s waterfront, and permanent stone-built buildings began to be erected around the fort and along the shoreline. Lerwick became capital of the Shetland Islands in 1708 and became more prosperous through sea trade and the fishing industry during the 19th century.

The modern period of significant expansion was during the North Sea oil boom of the 1970s. The Shetland capital town of Lerwick has a five star museum and plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping facilities.

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A view of Lerwick across Bressay Sound from the island of Bressay.






The tall ship STATSRAND LEHMKUHL in Lerwick harbour by the 'old town'.


The ferry boat departing from Lerwick to Bressay island.







Some of the hLerwick harbour installations serving the oil and fishing industries.


Part of the oldest waterfront hpuses in Lerwick.


Left: tower of Queen's Hotel, Right: Lifeboats shop RLNI


LHD Marine Supplies, since 1836 !?


Tourist Centre and (The Lounge Bar) Miller Opticians


Bank of Scotland RBS, Lerwick

A sculpture on the bank building depicting aViking ship.



Left Market Square?  Right: Left Lerwick Bookshop.


Left: The Grand Hotel, Lerwick Right: One of the old narrow streets of Lerwick that ran down to the waterfront.


The Post Office The Harbour Fish and Chip Shop


One of the entrances to Fort Charlotte, Lerwick


Looking down on Lerwick from the walls of Fort Charlotte, built in the 17th century.


Stout walls and many guns protected the garrison of Fort Charlotte.


The Bressay Ferry, LEIRNA, docked in Lerwick.


Left: The pilot and tug KEBISTER (registered at Lerwick).   Right: The Skerries ferry


Looking up from the Lerwick waterfront to Fort Charlotte.


Lerwick 'Old Town'





A large ocean going trawler, LK 334 ZEPHYR heading north out of Bressay Sound.


Another fishing boat moored up in Lerwick, L.K. 470 COURAGEOUS


The Royal Navy ship, Type 23 Frigate, F83 HMS ST ALBANS moored in Lerwick Harbour.


The Fjara Espresso Bar, Lerwick, is great place to eat and have a drink, it overlooks Bressay Sound


An old fishing boat or pilot boat?, L.K. 271 PILOT US, in Hay's Dock, Lerwick.




Views of the MAREEL building in Lerwick. The complex is a creative industries centre, and includes a cinema and cafe, the latter looks out over Hay's Dock and just along the quay from the Shetland Museum.




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