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Scotland, Shetland (3)

28c. The Shetland Museum and Archives, Lerwick and Hays Dock

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The Shetland Museum and Archives is on the quay of the old Hay's Dock.

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LK. 271. PILOT US in Hay's Dock.




LK 235 N DESPERANDUM ? (definitely looks in a desperate state!




The facade of the Shetland Museum, Lerwick, an excllent visit awaits you all.


Shetlands long voyage - geology of Shetland explained in the Shetland Museum, Lerwick.


Left: 5000 year old Shetlander Right: Tools from the Neolithic Age Bronze`Age


Left: Burnt mound, Right: Pottery from the Bronze Age


Polished stone from the Neolithic Age found on Shetland.



The treasures from the hoard found on St Ninian's Isle.






Left: An ancient Christian cross slab.

Right: Replica of the Bressay stone and ?


Viking objects displayed in the Shetland Museum, Lerwick.


Viking drawing reproductions


Left: Shetland becomes part of Scotland in 1469.

Right: Domestic scene from the first half of 19th century





Skekler's outfit from ~1800



Left Right Quernstone for grinding grain.


Taatit rugs see notes


Some old 'homemade' instruments of the Shetlands in the Shetland Museum, Lerwick.


Fishing and maritime history of the Shetlands.




Left: Late19th century to early 20th century

Right: AXM 403, beyond a harpoon gun from the times of the whaling industry


There is a small art gallery in the Shetland Museum, Lerwick.


Hay's Dock Cafe Restaurant in the Shetland Museum, Lerwick.

A good place to eat and take break from exploring the museum.

It has good views out over Hay's Dock and Bressay Sound.

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