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16. LONDON River Thames walk from Westminster Bridge to the Millennium Bridge including the Victoria Embankment

Parts of the Thames Walk - Thames Path

Walking and criss-crossing the River Thames from west to east

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See also 16b. A River Thames embankment walk from Southwark Bridge to Tower Bridge

Big Ben by Westminster Bridge, the south-west end of the Victoria Embankment


The London Eye and the expansive building of the old County Hall by Westminster Bridge, viewed from the Victoria Embankment. In the foreground is the landing stage of Westminster Pier where you can get the riverboat to the Tower, Greenwich, Thames Barrier, Kew, Richmond and Hampton Court.


Looking north-east up the River Thames from Westminster Pier towards Hungerford Bridge - public footbridge and railway bridge - the lines into Charing Cross Station


The old steamship TATERSHALL CASTLE, now a pub and nightclub - a lovely outdoor cafe-restaurant scene!


An attractive multi-storey building, Corinthia House, on the Victoria Embankment near Hungerford Bridge


The London Eye viewed across the Thames and the Hispaniola restaurant on the River Thames, not a bad spot to dine out! a meal with a great river view.


The London Eye and the very 'modern' Hungerford footbridge


Another view of the Hungerford Bridges - footbridge & railway bridge


Detail of the Hungerford Footbridge


View of the River Thames from the Hungerford footbridge looking towards Waterloo Bridge. On the right is the Festival Pier.


The 'concrete' Waterloo Bridge and in the distance St Paul's Cathedral and the 'pointed dome like' top of the 'Gherkin' building on the right.


Cleopatra's Needle, an ancient Egyptian obelisk on the Victoria Embankment. It was brought back from Alexandria in Egypt in 1819.

A sphinx by Cleopatra's Needle


Detail of the architecture of the rather bland but functional concrete Waterloo Bridge


View east down the River Thames from Waterloo Bridge, quite a scene!


On the left, the white ship is the WELLINGTON, and the black and white ship on the right is the HMS PRESIDENT


The WELLINGTON steamship








View east down the River Thames from Waterloo Bridge to the arches of Blackfriars Bridge. Blackfriars Pier in the centre


The statue of Sir Laurence Olivier O.M. near the Queen Elizabeth Hall. He was the most famous actor of his generation and a most notable Shakespearean performer on the stage and screen. The sculpture by Conner, depicts him playing Hamlet.


Blackfriars Bridge - road/foot bridge in front, railway bridge behind and St Paul's Cathedral in the background.


View of Blackfriars Bridge from Gabriel's Wharf.


Between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge, on the north bank of the River Thames you can cut up through the 'Temple' area to visit the famous St Mary  Temple Church. In doing so, you pass through the Inner Temple and Middle Temple (whose magnificent facade facing the Thames is shown below)


Street musicians - 'jazz band' near Blackfriars Bridge in the 'City of London'


The work in progress on Blackfriars Bridge in 2011


2014: On the left the completed Blackfriars Bridge station, Blackfriars road bridge on the right (from the north bank of the Thames.


Another view of the Blackfriars station architecture where the railway lines to the original Blackfriars station cross the River Thames (from the south bank of the River Thames).


The Millennium footbridge over the River Thames


The north bank entrance to the Millennium Bridge


Street musicians near the Millennium Bridge - a small brass band


View down the Thames to the 'Shard', a massive narrow tall pyramidal building in the process of being built, note the height of the crane!

View across the River Thames from near the Millennium Bridge to the 'Shard' under its final stages of construction in 2011.


Just after the Millenium Bridge, on the south bank of the River Thames, is the Globe Theatre where you can watch Shakespear's plays in true Elizabethan style, standing room only!

See also 16b. A River Thames embankment walk from Southwark Bridge to Tower Bridge

which is a continuation of 16a (this page) heading east on the Thames Path

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