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11. Gyor (2) Three Churches visited

The weather didn't improve!

The tower of the Carmelite church stands out above the buildings near the town centre of Gyor.


The statue of Kisfaludy Karoly opposite the Carmelite church.


Buildings by the Carmelite church in Vienna Gate Square? Kisfaludy Square?


Church (1) The Carmelite Church (Karmalita templom) in Gyor is built in an early Italian Baroque style between 1721 and 1725. On the left is a statue of Kisfaludy Karoly born in 1788 and was a well known Hungarian dramatist and artist.


The interior of the Carmelite Church designed by Marton Witner and the paintings by the Italian Martin Altamonte between 1721 and 1725. The main altar is a pretty impressive piece of Baroque extravaganza!


The statue of Kisfaludy Karoly across from the entrance to the ? church


Old cannons by the River ?


The statue of ? by the cannons by the River ?.


Two sculptures ?


Monument to Szent (Saint) Laszlo Kiraly, the revered Christian King of Hungary from 1077 to 1095.


Sculpture across from the ? Church in Vilmos Apor Place


Church (2) The church on the right is the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. On the sight of a Romanesque church the present Baroque building dates from 1639-1645. The west facade and tower were built in 1802-1823.


The interior - the ceiling frescos and main altar masterpieces were painted by Franz Anton Maulbertsch between 1772 and 1781.


Stained glass windows in a side chapel.



One of the side chapels in  the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary and below, in this chapel, a memorial plaque to a refugee Irish priest, Walter Lynch (1595-1663) from Galway.


Church (3) The uncompleted Bishop's Tower. The Bishop's Castle was erected on Kaptalandomb (the Chapter Hill) and was a symbol of the Christianity of western Hungary and the 14th century residence of Bishop Kalman, son of King Charles Robert of Anjou.

Some stained glass in the Bishop's Palace.


A memorial plaque to Bishop Amor Vilmos (1892-1945), an acknowledged martyr, whose life was one of humanitarian service and sacrifice. He was Bishop of Gyor in World War II and was famous for protesting against the persecution of Hungarian Jews. He appealed to the Nazi controlled Hungarian justice and parliamentary systems and Nazi headquarters `on their behalf and also negotiated to avoid a siege on Gyor town itself. However, tragically, when Soviet troops entered the town he gave sanctuary to women and children but was shot protecting them as the troops wanted to storm the building and rape the women. He died of his wounds but the women were spared possible rape.


Last look at the Bishop's Palace and tower, which was also are last view of Gyor - it would be nice to return one day with much more time and better weather!

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