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10. Gyor (1) The City Centre, The Old Town Square and surrounding buildings

The City of Gyor lies on raised ground on the confluence of three rivers, the Danube, Raba and Rabca, and, although the weather was poor, we did our best to appreciate the lovely historic city of Gyor.

Gyor: The Kossuth road bridge over the River Mosoni-Duna? where the coach was parked up for a few hours - that's all the time we had.


Gyor: The giant sculpture of ? where the ? River meets the ? River Danube


Gyor: The Schwarzenberg-p?lffy statue, a sculpture on the bank of the River Danube?


Gyor: The Trinity statue in the old town.


Gyor: The streets of beautifully restored houses in the 'Old Town'.


Gyor: The central square of Gyor, most of which has been beautifuuly restored and looked great even on a grey rainy day! On the left is the Benedictine Church of St Ignatius, the facade is undergoing restoration. On the right is the ? building



Gyor: ? Sculpture


Gyor: Varkapu Sculpture of ? holding a ?

Gyor, Hungary is a town undergoing much restoration and the day we stopped there en route across Eastern Europe it was a very grey day with light rain but some pleasant cafes to sit in near the main square. Never-the-less Gyor looks a small, but interesting town, to further explore one day and the people were friendly in the cafes - but it was not a day to sit out unfortunately, in what is, and will be more so, an attractive town with lots of history to explore and not too many tourists around!

HOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's Pics

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