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 Interesting places to visit walking around Prague - Capital of the Czech Republic

10. More buildings in the Little Quarter, Prague Castle, Hradcany, walking by the River Vltava

The west entrance to Prague Castle into the First Courtyard.

A building across from Prague Castle. It is the ???

The memorial to Tomas Masaryk, President from 1918-1935 who helped in the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 and was the first democratically elected president. The statue is across from the west entrance to Prague Castle.


The facade and towers of St George's Basilica. This was founded by Prince Vratislav in 915-921 and is the best preserved Romanesque style church in Prague (predates St Vitus Cathedral and is a short distance east of it). The pinkish-red facade is a 17th century Baroque addition.


The massive twin towers, with Romanesque windows, date from 1142 in a rebuilding following a disastrous fire in the late 10th century church.


The apse and chapel at the east end of St George's Basilica.


Some stone coats of arms set into the wall just down from St Georges'



A blacksmith's workshop further down from the stone coats of arms.


Looking east across the Little Quarter across to Charles Bridge and the River Vltava.


The vineyard and in the centre the dome and spire of St Nicholas Church.


Rows of beautifully restored houses on the west bank of the River Vltava.


An attractive little house and cobbled street.


The River Vltava and the Charles Bridge.


The ??? building


The Manesuv most bridge and St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle above.



Tourist cruise on the River Vltava.


Walking on the east bank of the River Vltava.


 You can dine on a floating restaurant


Back to the Cechuv most bridge and are own private tram back to the hotel!


A view 'snapshot' views through the coach window on our way out of Prague ...

Hlavni Nadrazi Station ?


In the New Town, the facade of the State Opera, formerly the New German Theatre, dating from 1885, with its Neo-Classical frieze decorating the pediment above the columns.


 The National Museum (Narodne Muzeum, completed in 1890) dominates the top end of Wenceslas Square.

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Czech Republic-Prague Index

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