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 Interesting places to visit walking around Prague - Capital of the Czech Republic

9. St Vitus Cathedral in Hradcany

St Vitus Cathedral: The twin west towers of St Vitus Cathedral tower over the west side of Prague Castle.


St Vitus Cathedral: The west facade was built in the highly decorated Gothic style in the 19th and 20th centuries. The west extensions to the cathedral were built between 1872 and 1927.


St Vitus Cathedral: The fine and elaborate 'gothic style' decoration carvings on and above the west door.


St Vitus Cathedral: Above the west entrance doorway is the beautiful Rose Window designed by Frantisek Kysela 1925-1927


St Vitus Cathedral: Details of the exterior of the Rose Window.


St Vitus Cathedral: The amazing nave and chancel of St Vitus Cathedral built in 14th century style of architecture.

St Vitus Cathedral: The nave is a wonderful, magnificent and beautiful piece of Gothic architecture which continues into the chancel and altar area.


St Vitus Cathedral: Looking down the nave to the apse and altar


St Vitus Cathedral: Some of the stunning 20th century stained glass windows of St Vitus Cathedral




St Vitus Cathedral: 19th century stained glass?


St Vitus Cathedral: The bays and arcades of the south aisle near the chancel - beautifully carved piers (columns-pillars), capitals and arches - superb workmanship by the medieval stone masons!


St Vitus Cathedral: The chancel (Peter Parler 1372) - the 'angular' curve of the apse above the altar and its stained glass windows.


St Vitus Cathedral: A stone relief of ? and a bronze relief of ?


St Vitus Cathedral: Below are three more glorious examples of 20th century stained glass windows - painted glass windows.



St Vitus Cathedral: Quite extraordinary panels of colourful glass.


St Vitus Cathedral: AWESOME stained glass/painted glass windows!


St Vitus Cathedral: The exterior architecture of the east end of St Vitus Cathedral (mainly 14th century too), noting the apse, chapels on either side (Holy Relics St John the Baptist) and above them the flying buttresses supporting the upper parts of the nave.

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Czech Republic-Prague Index

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