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 Interesting places to visit in Vienna

7. Stephansplatz and St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna

St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): The Cathedral is one of the city's most recognizable icons. The tall and elaborately carved spire of Saint Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), the main church of Austria. This massive south tower standing at 445 feet (136m) tall is a dominant feature on the Vienna skyline. The many Roman Catholic churches, some of which are Vienna's most significant historical buildings have performances of religious or other music, including masses sung with classical music and organ.


St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): On the left one of the twin Roman towers at the west end of St Stephen's Cathedral. The cathedral is built of limestone and its ornately patterned and richly coloured roof covered of glazed tiles is most attractive, even in dull weather (shown above).

St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): St Stephan's is the most original gothic cathedral within the German speaking area.


St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): The interior is rich in wood carvings, sculptures and paintings and has numerous chapels and altars, as well as the catacombs, which can be visited on a guided tour. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was married here, had children baptized here, and his funeral was held in the Chapel of the Cross.

St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): The nave is rich in sculptures from the medieval to the Baroque periods.


St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): The geometrical fan vaulting between the arches and bays of the nave and aisles.


St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): A very impressive example of medieval gothic architecture! - pillars, capitals, arcades, bays, statues, memorials etc. etc.!


St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): Rich carvings adorn all the 'buttresses' supporting the towers.

A 'mournful' lone horses and carriage waits near St Stephan's Cathedral without its Fiaker coachman!


St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): General view of exterior

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived here in Stephansplatz close to the Cathedral.


St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna (Wien): On one side of the St Stephen's Cathedral, in Stephansplatz, there are series of preserved medieval, renaissance and Baroque wall paintings - I photographed them as best I could, and they seem to be ignored by every other tourist apart from me?




It is good to see some pictorial fragments of 'Old Vienna'

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