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8. Peters Platz, St Peter's Church, Josefsplatz, St Augustin's Church, Vienna

Petersplatz and St Peter's Church (Peterskirche), Vienna

Vienna (Wien): The first Roman church was built on, or close to, a Roman camp and replaced by a three-naved Romanesque church, which in turn was demolished to make way for the present Baroque church. The church is consecrated to the Holy Trinity.

Vienna (Wien): Peters Platz and the facade and entrance to St Peter's Church topped by its great turreted dome.

Vienna (Wien): The old medieval church burned down in 1661 and was given only crudely repaired. It was decided to build a new church when the Fraternity of the Holy Trinity arrived, of which the emperor Leopold I was a member. He had taken a vow to rebuild this church when Vienna was ravished by the plague in 1679-1680. The construction of the new Baroque church began in 1701 and was more or less complete by 1722 and consecrated in 1733.


Vienna (Wien): The magnificent Baroque interior of St Peter's Church

Vienna (Wien): The Peterskirche is the most sumptuously decorated Baroque church in Vienna. The pale-yellow-and-white facade features towers that turn slightly inward and turrets inspired by the tents of the Turks during the siege of 1683, and a fine facade portal. The highly decorated interior contains lots of fine artwork from the early 18th century, including frescoes, gilded carved wood and altarpieces. There are also glass-crowned galleries high on the walls to either side of the altar, the tableau of the martyrdom of St. John Nepomuk, and the fresco in the dome by J. M. Rottmayr depicting the Coronation of the Virgin.


Vienna (Wien): St Augustin's Church, not far from Albertinaplatz, central Vienna

Vienna (Wien): The Augustinian Church in Vienna is the parish church on Josefsplatz, next to the Hofburg, the winter palace of the Habsburg dynasty in Vienna. Originally built in the 14th century as the parish church of the imperial court of the Habsburgs, the splendid, but simple, Gothic interior was added in the 18th century. It is officially called St. Augustine's Church, although the Viennese refer to it as the Augustinian Church.

The nave was built between 1330 and 1339.

Vienna (Wien): The wonderful tomb of Marie-Christine, the favourite daughter of Empress Maria Theresa. This is the most notable of the church's monuments is the memorial to Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria sculpted by Antonio Canova, in 1805.

Vienna (Wien): Josefsplatz

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