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 Interesting places to visit in Vienna

3. Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Summer Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy

Vienna (Wien): The Summer Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy-Carignan (Prinz Eugen von Savoyen), born in Paris in 1663 and died in Vienna in 1736. After deciding on a military career, but rejected for service by King Louis XIV of France he changed his allegiance to the Hapsburg Monarchy. He served three Hapsburg Emperors, namely, Leopold I, Joseph I and Charles VI and was very successful militarily, particularly against the Turks of the Ottoman Empire - which secured his historical reputation.


Vienna (Wien): The splendid ironwork of the entrance gates to Belvedere Palace. The palace is two connecting parts, the Upper and Lower Belvedere, which have become the permanent home of the Austrian Gallery. The Belvedere consists of two splendid rococo mansions, designed in the early 18th century, which face each other across formal, sloping grounds offering excellent views towards Vienna City centre. From an exterior point of view it is Vienna's finest palace complex, built by Prince Eugène of Savoy, the famous general who saved Vienna from the advance of the Ottoman Empire Turks.


Vienna (Wien): The Summer Palace was commissioned by Prince Eugene of Savoy and built between 1697 and 1721.

Front view and reflection of the 'higher castle' in the oval lake - enhances the splendour of this Viennese palace.


Back view of the 'lower castle'!



Feminism military style!!!




Vienna (Wien): The formal gardens sloping down towards central Vienna and on the skyline the impressive dome of St Peter and spire of St Stephan's Cathedral.


Vienna (Wien): The grand entrance to the palace where the carriages can draw up  with their prestigious visitors, no doubt impressed by the architectural welcome!


Lots of military insignia on the walls near the entrance - hardly surprising - similar on the lower palace corners.

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