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2. The Parliament buildings and pictures of central Vienna from the tour coach

Vienna (Wien): The roof of golden olive leaves of the Secession (Sezession). Gustav Klimt and other artists founded the Secession. The secession building (Sezessionsstil in Austria) built in 1897 by Joseph Maria Olbrich and opened in 1898. It allowed the secession artists to show their art without interference from anybody.


Vienna (Wien): The Vienna Concert Hall where the famous New Years Day Concert takes place.


Vienna (Wien): The 'new' Military Museum under reconstruction. The Museum of Military History is a huge museum near the southern railway station featuring weapons and military maps from different periods. It includes the open-top car in which Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the last Austrian prince, was shot in Sarajevo. His death triggered World War I and the eventual downfall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the same room as this is the visibly blood-stained jacket he was wearing at the time of his assassination!


Vienna (Wien): The fine building of the French Embassy and a tram!


The ? building?


Vienna (Wien): The Austrian Parliament buildings. The golden decorated statue of the goddess Athena stands in front of the Austrian Parliament.


Vienna (Wien): The classical Greek architectural style is topped by more than a passing resemblance to the Parthenon in Athens.


Vienna (Wien): Architectural details of the upper parts of Vienna's Parliament buildings - the seat of Austrian Government.


Vienna (Wien): The back of the Parliament buildings.

Vienna (Wien): Architectural details of the upper parts of the Parliament buildings.





Vienna (Wien): ? Church


Vienna (Wien): The Viennese house of Johan Straus, now a cafe restaurant.


Vienna (Wien): Some interesting modern sculpture on the side of a much older building in Vienna.


Vienna (Wien): On the right one of the many futuristic buildings in Vienna and on the left a much older building with a  modern upper makeover!


Vienna (Wien): The Urania, Vienna, another building dedicated to Franz Joseph!


Vienna (Wien): The Viennese War Ministry and a Statue of the famous General Radetzky.  He was born in 1766, Trebnice, Bohemia and died in 1858 in Milan. He Austria's most famous army officer and fought with distinction against the French in the Napoleonic Wars. As army chief of staff, he attempted to modernize the Austrian army. As commander in chief of the Austrian army in northern Italy (1831 57), he suppressed the revolt in the Austrian-ruled provinces of Lombardy and Venetia in 1848. He finally served as governor-general of these provinces (1849 57) and is status amongst the ruling elite as a great national hero also inspired Johann Strauss the Elder to compose the famous Radetzky March.

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