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School chemistry notes: Index of examples of how to make metals more useful


(Suitable for AQA, Edexcel and OCR GCSE chemistry students - this is just a links page)

Electroplating surfaces with metals

Anodising and uses of aluminium

Uses of transition metals e.g. alloys of iron & titanium and aluminium (not a transition metal)

Chemistry and uses of transition metals - titanium (advanced level students only)

Chemistry and uses of transition metals - iron (advanced level students only)

See also Shape memory alloys e.g. Nitinol & magnetic shape memory alloys

INDEX of selected industrial chemistry sections

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ALL my Advanced Level pre-university Chemistry Notes (students aged ~17-18)

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Index of selected pages describing industrial processes

Limestone, lime - uses, thermal decomposition of carbonates, hydroxides and nitrates

Enzymes and Biotechnology 

Contact Process, the importance of sulfuric acid 

How can metals be made more useful? (alloys of Al, Fe, steel etc.)

Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry Economics & Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment

Products of the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries & impact on us

The Principles & Practice of Chemical Production - Synthesising Molecules  

Ammonia synthesis/uses/fertilisers

Oil Products

Extraction of Metals

Halogens - sodium chloride Electrolysis

Transition Metals

Extra Electrochemistry - electrolysis and cells


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