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 Food: 1. Thoughts on the world's population, need for increased food production and energy

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1. Thoughts on the world's population, production of food and use of energy resources

Growing cerial crops to feed the world gcse school biology growing a crop of corn wheat barley for sustainable food production gcse school biology

Growing crops like wheat, barley and corn are amongst the most sustainable means of food production.

Food and the world's population, which is now around 7 billion people (~7 x 109 individuals!).

Lets start with some statistics - two graphs of population and energy use - pretty similar, surprise!

exa is 1018

The graphs shows the acceleration of the world's population and their corresponding energy use.

Not surprisingly, I would imagine a graph of food demand would be similar to provide the whole population of the world, ideally, with food security.

This begs the question 'how do we maintain a constant food supply in a sustainable way and protect the environment in the process?'.

Although I have no data myself on the world's total food production, there are some graphs on ... ...

which clearly show a similar pattern in rising agricultural production attempting to meet our needs.

BUT how long can this be sustained?, and there are millions (billions?) of undernourished people suffering from starvation and disease, primarily from lack of local food production for one reason or another e.g. climate conditions, war, overuse of soil using non-sustainable agricultural practice.



INDEX of biology notes on population growth, food security, sustainability and food production


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