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28e. Island of Bressay (2)

Exploring and Walking on Bressay

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(i) Walking to the top of Ord Cliffs

There is parking by the lighthouse entrance.

You just head south along the cliffs, keeping a good distance from the edge.




The sea arch by the Bressay lighthouse.



Lerwick in the distance.


The view east from near top of Ord


top of Ord


The top of Ord Cliffs from a boat on Bressay Sound.


A misty view of the island of Ness.


The tallest hill on Bressay with the radio/TV masts.






(ii) The Island of Noss

The road to Noss at Mail.






There is an occasional ferry to Ness, which is a National Nature Reserve.




Wide view of Noss.




Deserted croft.





Some evidence of ancient standing stones and field walls ?



The departure point for the Noss ferry.

(iii) Walking from Setter to ? Church Con..







































(iv) The Road to Heogan?

















(v) Standing Stone on ??













(vi) Examples of other walks we didn't get round to


Views of Bressay from the NorthLink ferry




Ord Cliff







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