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 Interesting places to visit in Vienna

10. Town Hall (City Hall, Rathaus), Vienna University and Votiv Church

Vienna (Wien): Part of the Volks Garden (Folk Garden?), heading towards the K K Hofburgh Theatre (Hofburg Theatre?).


Vienna (Wien): The front facade of the K K Hofburgh Theatre.


Vienna (Wien): Rathaus - The Town Hall is one of the most impressive buildings along the Ring road, with seven courts and 1,500 rooms! The Rathaus City Hall serves as the seat of the mayor and city council of the city of Vienna. In front is a circus and cafe in the foreground in Rathaus Platz.


Vienna (Wien): Some window boxes of flowers decorate window ledges of the Town Hall.


Vienna (Wien): The entrance to Vienna University




Vienna (Wien): The 'frescos' on the walls of Vienna University.





Vienna (Wien): Statue opposite the University entrance. Not sure what it is?


Vienna (Wien): The twin towers of the great neogothic Votiv Kirche (Votivkirche, Votive Church) built by Heinrich Ferstel in memory of an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Later it became the official burial place of many military commanders of the monarchy. It is credited with having wonderful acoustics.

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