Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "Molecular Modelling and Bonding Diagrams of Covalent Molecules"

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Image518.gifImage521.gif1a. It is possible to represent molecules in a way with a '' diagram (left) or a style (right).

1b. The methane molecule (above) has covalent bonds.

Image514.gif2a. The water molecule has covalent bonds.

Image512.gif2b. Hydrogen chloride has just covalent bond.

Image522.gif2c. The carbon dioxide molecule has covalent bonds.

0C2H6bsangles.gif3a. Although these diagrams above give an accurate picture of how the atoms are linked in the molecule, they do not give a full spatial representation of the molecule.
3b.In the case of methane, the top right diagram gives a view of the molecule.
FruitfullCollision.gif3c. Many organic molecules, especially in biochemistry, have complex structures whose 3D structure has importantant consequences for their chemistry e.g. a docking into a specific .
3d. We now know so much about molecular structure you can now use to 'mimic' the complete 3D spatial structure of a molecule.
3e. The diagram of ethane on the right is an example of and shows the positions of atoms relative to each other and the defined by the positions of three atoms in a molecule.

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