Quiz on "Introduction to Polymers and Plastics"

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1. Unsaturated molecules classified as can be used to make such as poly(ethene) and poly(propene).

2. In these reactions, many molecules known as join together to form very molecules called and the process is called because the molecules just link together giving one long molecule and no other product.

3. Polymers which soften on heating an heating and can be reshaped and cooled to give a desired product are called .

4. Other polymers when formed cannot be reshaped on heating and they are called .

5. Particular polymers have different that depend on what they are made from and the conditions under which they are made and so can be to suit a particular purpose.

6. For example: new materials for consumer goods, coatings for fabrics, polymers for teeth treatment, for wound dressings and materials, including polymers which return to their original state after deformation, by responding to an external stimulus ('trigger') e.g. a change.

7. Many polymers are not , so they are not broken down by and this can lead to pollution problems with and pollution of the environment.

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