Quiz on "Examples of Alkanes and Alkenes and a Test for Alkenes"

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1. Some of the useful smaller molecules from cracking are used as since they release a large amount of heat on burning. However it is the s called s which are used in this way as the s known as s which burn with a smokey flame AND they are a much more chemical for making other very useful compounds like (plastics).

2. Identify the following hydrocarbon compounds by name and whether they are a saturated hydrocarbon or an unsaturated hydrocarbon, and classify them as an alkane or alkene.
2a. Image154.gif or Image207.gif is called , a , classed as an
2b. Image917.gif or Image919.gif is called , an , classed as an
2c. Image148.gif or Image202.gif is called , a , classed as an
2d. Image157.gif or extra2.gif is called , a , classed as an
2e. Image921.gif or Image925.gif is called , an , classed as an
2f. Image151.gif or Image204.gif is called , a , classed as an

3. To test for an alkene (which is ) you mix it with a few drops of bromine water when it changes from to . If you repeat the test with an alkane, the bromine water remains . This simple test can readily distinguish between a (all C-C s) and an (with a C=C ).