Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "Making Alcohol and Uses of Alcohol"

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1. Alcohol is manufactured by the process of in which are converted into alcohol and is an area of science called .

2. The reaction is by which speed up the biochemical reactions.

3. The proper chemical name for 'alcohol' is which is boiling at 78oC and in high concentration is very to the liver!

4. The equation is ...
glucose (a sugar) ===> + .
C6H12O6 ==> 2C2H5OH + 2CO2
In the process a colourless gas is formed which gives a with limewater (simple test for it)

5. Alcohol is widely used in such as beer and wines.

6. Unfortunately alcohol temporarily causes loss of and produces increased , but sadly sometimes violent behaviour too.

7. One of the long term effects of excess alcohol drinking is potentially liver damage - of the liver.

8. Alcohols are also used to make chemicals called , which are used as in food and drink products.