Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "The Uses of the Fractions from Distilling Crude Oil"

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   bitumen      boiling point      carbon atoms      diesel oil      evaporation      fuel oil      fuels      ignition temperature      kerosine      larger      largest molecules      lubricants      naphtha      petrol      residue      road surfacing      size      smaller      smallest molecules      viscosity   
(1) fdistoilGIF.gifSome properties of hydrocarbons depend on the of their molecules which is indicated by the number of in the molecule.

(2) The the molecule the higher its (liquid ==> gas point), the greater its ('stickiness').

(3) j0217488resize.gif The the molecule the lower the , i.e. the more easily burning is initiated and the less sooty the flame.

(4) These properties influence how hydrocarbons are used as and other uses.

(5) The are gases or easily vaporised liquid hydrocarbon molecules used for (gasoline) fuel.

(6) oilwink.gif Some of the larger hydrocarbon molecules are used as , due to their high where you want the liquid to stick to surfaces and where the last thing you want is !

(7) oildist2forQ.gif The fraction is used as aircraft fuel.

(8) The fraction is used as fuel for heavy goods vehicles and many cars too these days.

(9) The fraction is used for central heating boilers.

(10) The are low melting black solids and this '' ('leftover') fraction is known as , used for .

(11) The fraction has no direct use, but can be converted to lots of useful molecules.

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