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Topic 7 There's One Earth (oil based economy!)

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1 The footprint we wish to reduce! (6)
5The type of energy released on burning fossil fuels (4)
7The sort of precipitation you get when the atmosphere is polluted by burnt sulphur in fossil fuels (4,4)
9You want this black colouring effect from a flame at a minimum when you burn a fossil fuel (9)
10Apart from coal, the main source of fossil fuels (3)
11The 'stickiness' of liquids (9)
12Natural gas has a strong smell! (5)
14The effect believed to be created by rising carbon dioxide levels (6,7)
17Shorthand for the largest fossil fuel economy, soon to b overtaken by India and China? (2)
20Formula for a very cleaning burning fuel (2)
21Computer .....(9).... helps to predict the effects of climate change.
23Make sure you put waste into the appropriate recycling ..(3).
25A source of heat energy rich in carbon (6,4)
27The common name for NaCl (4)
28Methane fuel is in this state (3)
29A useful road surface or water-proofing material from the residue of the fractional distillation of oil (3)
30The leftovers! (7)
31An energy resource from plant materials (6 or 3,3)
32A description of fuel burning (10)
33A black material formed in a smokey yellow flame (4)
34The original source of petrol, diesel, wax etc. (5,3)
35The process of lighting a fuel (8)
37A molecule that is a compound of carbon and hydrogen atoms (11)
38To ....(7)... to re-use and minimise waste.
39The molecule carbon forms on complete combustion (3)
40A chemical that is consumed to provide energy (4)
43When fossil fuels burn and some sooty carbon and/or carbon monoxide is also formed, the burning is described as (10,10)
47The tall structure that is used to separate the components of crude oil when it is heated (13,6)
51You should take ...(5).. in your work and reducing your carbon footprint.
55This medical condition of the bronchial system can be worsened by air pollution (6)
56One of the fractions from the distillation of crude oil (7)
57..(4).. salt is a mineral from which sodium and chlorine can be extracted.
58You don't want one of these to leak in an oil refinery! (4)
59The fuel for cars that is very flammable! (6)
60The fraction from crude oil distillation that is used as an aircraft fuel (8)
61A sugar that can be fermented to make alcohol fuel (7)


2 Sugar ..(4).. can be used to make a bio-fuel.
3A prefix meaning small (4)
4The process by which crude oil is separated into its components (10,12)
5It would be ....(7)... to the environment if you would recycle as much waste as possible.
6A very harmful material that might kill you is described as ...(5)..!
7Symbol of another common metal that should be recycled (2)
8Playthings often made of plastic (4)
9Fuel or food production systems that can be maintained in the long term can be described as having good .......(14).......
13When a hydrocarbon fuel burns and only forms carbon dioxide and water it is described as a (8,10) reaction.
15Our source of oxygen (3)
16Shorthand prefix for crops that have had their DNA changed (2)
18The boiling point and viscosity of hydrocarbons all increase with increase in (4,2,8)
19To set alight (6)
20Formula of what is formed on burning hydrogen (3)
22The process of removing salt from water (12)
24A liquid source of salt (3)
26In the future this important medium may be difficult to maintain on fertilisers based on oil! (4)
34We use this too much rather than public transport (3)
36A green gas manufactured from salt and used in disinfectants and plastics (8)
41A black sticky substance from crude oil (7)
42The formula of the carbon compound formed in the inefficient burning of a fossil fuel (2)
44Were we all discuss the problems of the world over a cup of coffee (4)
45The type of wide ranging thinking needed to solve the problems of the world (7)
46Uses petrol or diesel (3)
48The common name for the liquid fuel produced from crops (7)
49Chemical symbol for sodium (2)
50Useful materials which conduct heat and electricity well (6)
51Another material that should always recycled - much could be written on the subject! (5)
52the fuel used in heavy goods vehicles (6)
53Formula of methane (3)
54These convey the gas from the North Sea to England (5)
55A lot of hot ..(3). is often expelled in debates on fossil fuels and climate change.
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