QUIZ 16a. Hydrogenated vegetable oil and food additives

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   additives      analysis      appearance      artificial      catalyst      chromatography      colourless      colours      detected      double      hardened      higher      hydrogen      identified      ingredients      margarine      nickel      orange      permitted      shelf-life      solids      spreads      taste      unsaturated   
(a) Vegetable oils that are contain carbon carbon bonds.

(b) These can be by reacting with bromine or iodine e.g. unsaturated oils turn bromine water from to .

(c) Vegetable oils that are unsaturated can be hardened by reacting them with in the presence of a at about 60 °C.

(d) The hydrogenated oils have melting points so they are at room temperature, making them useful as and in cakes and pastries e.g. .

(e) Processed foods may also contain to improve (looks good!), (you want more!) and (very handy!).

(f) These additives must be listed in the and some additives were given E-numbers.

(g) Chemical can be used to identify additives in foods e.g. can be detected and by .