QUIZ 8a. Uses of oil fractions and pollution problems

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(a) oildist2forQ.gifSome properties of hydrocarbons depend on the of their molecules. e.g. easily vaporised hydrocarbon molecules are needed for , but hydrocarbon molecules are needed for , where the last thing you want is !

(b) fractionQ.gifThese properties influence how hydrocarbons are used as .

(c) Most contain carbon and/or hydrogen and may also contain some sulfur but release large amounts of on burning.

(d) The gases released into the atmosphere when a fuel burns may include (causes 'Greenhouse Effect'), (vapour), carbon monoxide (poisonous) and (causes acid rain).

(e) Solid particles of (mainly carbon) may also be released.

(f) j0104528resize.gifSulfur dioxide causes , carbon dioxide causes , and solid particles cause (as can huge volcanic eruptions of ash clouds).

(g) Sulfur can be removed from fuels before they are , for example for vehicle fuels and this reduces the amount of the acidic gas that is released into the environment on combustion.

(h) In power stations sulfur dioxide can be removed from the after .

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