QUIZ 7a. Getting useful products from crude oil

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(a) fdistoilGIF.gif Crude oil is a of a very large number of compounds.

(b) A consists of two or more elements or compounds chemically combined together.

(c) The chemical properties of each substance in the mixture are .

(d) It is possible to the substances in a mixture by methods including distillation.

(e) Most of the compounds in crude oil consist of made up of (H) and (C) atoms only which is why they are called .

(f) Most of these are (meaning all single C-C bonds) hydrocarbons called , which have the general formula CH

(g) Alkane molecules can be represented in the following forms:
Image157.gif is a way of summarising the atoms in the molecule, and is called the molecular .
Image207.gif is a way of showing the full molecular .

(h)The many hydrocarbons in crude oil may be separated into , each of which contains molecules with a similar of carbon atoms.

(i) This is done by the oil and allowing it to at a number of different .

(j) This process of the components of crude oil is called .