RustingNail.gifGCSE Science-CHEMISTRY worksheet on RUSTING and METAL CORROSION Part 1

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1. Iron (or steel) unfortunately corrodes than most other transition metals and readily does so in the presence of both (in air) and to form an iron . Iron corrosion is called and the chemical change with oxygen is called an reaction.

2. Iron and steel (an of iron) are most easily protected by which provides a barrier between the metal and air/water. Moving parts on machines can be protected by a water repellent or grease layer.

3. This corrosion can be prevented by connecting iron to a more metal (e.g. zinc or magnesium). This is called protection. By mixing iron with other metals such as you can make a non-rusting alloy called steel. Coating iron or steel with a layer is called 'galvanising'. The zinc preferentially corrodes first to form a zinc oxide layer that doesn't off. However if a reactive metal is attached, the iron then rusts as it becomes the more metal!