SandSaltSepKS3.gifchromanim.gifThe small easier KS3 Science-Chemistry crossword on "Solutions"

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KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

1 A word meaning how much of a solid dissolves in liquid. (10)
2 To remove unwanted materials from a substance to ? it. (6)
6 The liquid that comes through the filter paper. (8)
8 What is formed when a solid dissolves in a liquid. (8)
10 The general name for a liquid that dissolves things. (7)
12 What you do to water to leave the salt. (9)
14 Sugar does this in water. (9)
15 A substance of two or more materials jumbled together. (7)
16 Using heat, its a way of separating a liquid mixture, or maybe a liquid from small quantities of dissolved solid. (12)
17 A word that meaning the 'solution' will not dissolve anymore of the solid or you have been out in the rain too long! (9)
1 It means a fine particles of an insoluble solid dispersed in a liquid (e.g. like muddy water) or not allowed in school! (10)
2 It means just one substance, nothing extra! (4)
3 It means the solid will NOT dissolve in a liquid. (9)
4 A good cheap solvent for many salts! (5)
5 A method for separating the colours from different sweets, but a bit of a mouthful! (14)
6 One way to remove an insoluble solid from a liquid without heating the mixture. (6)
7 A general word for the solid that dissolves in a solvent. (6)
9 After mixing salt with water, you can then say "the salt was indeed ?". (7)
11 The handy bit of apparatus that changes a hot gas into a much cooler liquid in distillation! (9)
13 A word to describe a mixture, where there is unwanted material included and you want 100% of just one thing only. (6)