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KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

1 To remove unwanted materials from a substance. (6)
3 Molecules of a variety of these, can be separated on a paper dipped in a solvent. (7 in UK, not 6 as in the US)
6 A liquid has to be heated to this condition before it can be distilled. (7)
7 A word meaning it is not pure, often used to describe polluted drinking water. (12)
8 The method for separing the colours from different sweets, but a bit of a mouthful! (14)
9 It dissolves in water, nice on chips! (4)
11 A 'posh' word for the costly process of removing salts to make pure water from seawater. (12)
12 It means just 100% of one substance, nothing extra! (4)
15 Increase this, and with it rises the solubility of most substances in a liquid. (11)
16 Another word for a mixture, but meaning its not 100% of the only material you want. (6)
18 A word meaning how much of solid will dissolves in a liquid solvent. (10)
20 It means a fine particles of an insoluble solid dispersed in a liquid (e.g. muddy water) or not allowed in school! (10)
22 The general name for a liquid that dissolves things. (7)
23 The temperature does this as it heads towards the boiling point. (5)
24 What you do to water to leave the salt. (9)
25 What is formed when a solid dissolves in a liquid. (8)
26 A good cheap solvent for many salts! (5)
27 This can separated into useful fractions by distillation. (5,3)
28 What a mixture! and most water soluble minerals end up as part of it! (8 or 3,5)
29 The handy bit of apparatus that changes a hot gas into a much cooler liquid! (9)
2 One way to remove an insoluble solid from a liquid without heating the mixture. (6)
4 After mixing salt with water, you can then definitely say "the salt was ?". (7)
5 A way of separating a liquid mixture, or maybe a liquid from small quantities of dissolved solid. (12)
9 A general word for the solid that dissolves in a solvent. (6)
10 Petrol is this, so not a good idea to heat in the laboratory! (9)
13 The proper chemical name for an important solvent for organic molecules, usually 'methylated alcohol' to stop people drinking it! (7)
14 The liquid that comes through the filter paper. (8)
17 A substance of two or more materials jumbled together. (7)
19 Sugar ? in water. (9)
20 A word that meaning the 'solution' will not dissolve anymore of the solid or you have been out in the rain too long! (9)
21 It means the solid will not dissolve in a liquid. (9)