multi-word fill quiz on 7Hwf3 "Solutions"
(a doc brown worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   2      3      4      5      6      chloride      chromatography      crystals      evaporation      filter      filtration      insoluble      liquid      paper      sand      sodium   
1a. An insoluble solid can be easily separated from a liquid by .
1b. The solids in a salt solution can be separated by heating to cause of the solvent.
1c. The substance is soluble in water but will not dissolve in water.

2a. A pure sample of rock salt can be made by first dissolving it in warm water.
2b. Any materials can filtered off using a funnel and .
2c. The that passes through the filter paper is carefully heated to evaporate the water.
2d. This allows the salt to form.

chromanim.gif3a. Different colours can be separated using the method of .
3b. The pictures on the left show the separation of a mixture, spot number and it is compared with five other numbered coloured spots.
3c. From left to right, the mixture contains 1, and BUT does NOT contain and .