questionmark.gifmulti-word fill quiz on 7Hwf1 "Solutions"
(a doc brown worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   dissolved      insoluble      mixture      pure      saturated      solubility      soluble      solute      solution      solvent   
1. A solid that dissolves in a liquid is called a .

2. The liquid that dissolves a solid is called a .

3. The mixture formed when a solid dissolves in a liquid is called a .

4. A solid that dissolves in a liquid is said to be , but if it does not dissolve in the liquid it is described as .

5. If a liquid is evaporated and a solid residue remained the liquid must have been a .

6. Something that consists of just one substance only is described as .

7. When no more solid will dissolve in a solvent, the solution is said to be .

8. When a solid 'disappears' into a liquid, it means it has .

9. For most substances the in a liquid increases as the temperature is increased.