bubbling1.gifcandle04.gifthe BIG KS3 Science-Chemistry crossword on "Simple Chemical Reactions"

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KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

1 The kind of salt formed from a metal dissolving in hydrochloric acid. (8)
5 Warning of a? (6)
6 A very flammable fuel. (6)
7 Another word for burning! (10)
8 The chemical name for gaseous fuel (naturally from the North Sea!). (7)
10 The formula for water. (3)
12 You use one of these to test for hydrogen and no spill. (3,6)
13 This is always formed in a chemical reaction. (7)
15 A visual way of displaying lots of results. (5)
19 A colourless liquid formed from burning fuels. (5)
20 A gas formed on burning hydrocarbon fuel. (6,7)
21 When you see this as the end of chemical's name, you know it will bubble with acid! (9)
24 A long dead type of fuel! (6)
25 The fuel for the birthday cake! (6,3)
27 What you see and hear on pouring acid on marble chips. (4)
28 Used to show what has happened in a chemical reaction and may not involve any mat5hs! (8)
29 The element that is in most fuels and it makes up most of coal and coke. (6)
30 This type of element reacts with acids to form hydrogen in the process. (5)
33 This gas is in air and reacts with fuel molecules in combustion. (6)
35 A fuel from photosynthesis, come on, chop-chop! (4)
2 ? acid is well known in the laboratory. (12)
3 Statues made from this might fizz in very acid rain! (6)
4 'Not a lot' of reaction with an acid from this metal. (6)
9 Its the squeaky pop gas! (8)
10 Given out with light in combustion reactions. (4)
11 A moderately reactive metal with acids and used in batteries. (4)
14 A powdery rock that fizzes with acids and makes splended white cliffs. (5)
16 Definitely applies to your senses when a fuel gas explodes!
17 Used to test for carbon dioxide. (9)
18 The type of compound formed by combining an element with oxygen. (5)
22 General name for a chemical you start with. (8)
23 This happens to metals outside and a bit faster with salty water! (7)
26 An everyday word for combustion or desire! (7)
27 Something that is burned to produce heat energy. (4)
31 This type of chemical readily reacts with many metals. (4)
32 A kind of equation with no symbols in? (4)
34 The formula for carbon dioxide. (3)