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Cosmology: 6. Other evidence for the 'Big Bang Theory' of the universe

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(6) Other evidence for the 'Big Bang Theory' of the universe

  • As well as the 'red-shift' evidence, there is other evidence for the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, and not the steady state theory.

  • Cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR or CMB radiation)

    • Apparently both the Steady State model and Big Bang model both explain the observed red-shifts and expansion of a universe from our observations that objects are moving away from us in all directions, BUT, the Steady State model cannot explain CMBR.

    • Radio-astronomers have detected low frequency microwave radiation coming from all directions from all parts of our universe - known as cosmic background microwave radiation (CMBR).

      • Microwave radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but the CMBR is of lower frequency than in your microwave cooker!

      • This microwave radiation was accidently discovered, and still studied, using a radio telescope.

    • It is believed that this radiation comes from radiation that was present shortly after the beginning of the universe, soon after the 'Big Bang' started.

    • CMBR is associated with low temperatures as the young universe was cooling down and the background radiation reduces in frequencies.

  • The ‘Big Bang’ theory is currently the only theory that can explain the existence of CMBR.

  • If other evidence comes to light, the theory may have to be modified - 'watch this space'!


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