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Introduction to York Minster


The external view of the Chapter House of York Minster


The Chapter House from the Treasurers House garden


York Minster - Chapter House: Looking through the Chapter House doorway from the vestibule passage way into the octagonal Chapter House itself built between 1260 and 1280 (or completed by 1286?). The doors have the original fine 13th century iron-work embossed on them. In here the Dean and Chapter would meet to discuss the affairs and administration of the Minster. The sculpture of the Virgin and Child is carved into the supporting stonework. The chapter house is 63 feet across and about the same height to the top of the dome and a remarkable construction, since it is without a central pillar supporting the domed roof.



York Minster - Chapter House: The ceiling is highly decorated.

York Minster - Chapter House: How the Chapter House roof is supported

The stained glass of the Chapter House

There are five sets of great stained glass windows, much of the glass is original. Canopied stalls set around the walls below the stained glass windows have a remarkable set of carvings (see further down)

A panorama of stained glass window panels in the Chapter House, York Minster


York Minster - Chapter House: Details of one of the painted glass windows.

The carvings of the Chapter House

York Minster - Chapter House: A small sample of the remarkable variety of carvings of heads, animals, birds, plant foliage etc. and these with other carvings in the vestibule constitute some of the finest medieval carvings in Europe, if not the world? Their extremely good state of preservation has been helped by being inside escaping the ravages of the weather.


York Minster - Chapter House: Picking grapes? in Yorkshire!?




The carvings of the canopies above the seats for the clergy in the Chapter House

Seven sets of six seats in clockwise order, the entrance/exit completes the octagonal shape of the Chapter House

York Minster - Chapter House: The start at the entrance exit, going clockwise!


1. Driffield


2. Givendale


3. Bugthorpe


Detail between 3. and 4.


4. Ulleskelf


5. South Cave


6. Botevant?


7. Holme


8. Bilton


Above and below - details from 8.


Detail between 8. and 9.


9. Apecthorpe


Detail between 9. and 10.

10. Selby


11. South Newheld


12. Cleveland


13. Stillington


14. Ampleforth


Detail between 14. and 15.


15. York


York Minster - Chapter House: three pictures (i) to (iii) of same detail between 15. and 16.





16 Warthill


Detail between 16. and 17.


17. North Newbold


Detail between 17. and 18.


18. blank!

19. Laughton


Detail of 19.


20. Dunnington


Detail between 20. and 21.


21. The Dean


Detail of 21.


22. Tockerington


Detail of 22.


23. Salton


Detail between 22. and 23.


24. Newthorpe


 Detail of 24.


25. Bramham


26. blank!


27. Knaresborough


28. Langtoft


29. Hull


30. Grindal


31. Husthwaite


32. Burnby


33. Beverley


34. Weighton


35. Streasall


36. Penton



Details between 36. and 37.


37.East Riding


38. Riccall


39. Wilton


40. Fridaythorpe


41. Bole


42. Masham


York Minster - Chapter House: The end, at the entrance/exit, after going clockwise






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