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Whitby Goth Weekend Attraction in Whitby for seaside holidays in North Yorkshire Hotels, Holiday Cottages, B&B, pubs & bars

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It was a beautiful fine Autumn day for our visit to the famous  Whitby Gothic Weekend. Most friendly, and occasionally a little scary, chalked-faced, black makeup, and black-garbed 'Gothic' figures appear all over Whitby's ancient townscape. The town is taken over for this weekend in October and even English Heritage joined in the 'darkly festive' 17th Whitby's Gothic Festival. The Goths arrive from all over the country as well as many local people and what good business they provide for Whitby Town. If you see yourself in the picture sequence and want a FREE copy of the image then EMAIL ME and quote the file picture number (gothsxxx and preferably the jpg number too) which is under the picture on the right.