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15e Narrow boat canal trip from Holmcoat Lock to Todmorden, Gauxholme Viaducts and SUMMIT on the Rochdale Canal

Scenes in West Yorkshire

Thursday/Friday June 14th/15th 2018

On the Rochdale Canal * Previous day

Holmcoat Lock 14 - moored overnight just east of here, just round the corner to the right near Eastwood.

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Stoodley Bridge 24 (Rochdale Canal)


Houses (Shaw Wood) near Shaw Wood Bridge 25 and Shawplains Lock 15 (Rochdale Canal)


moorings nearby ?



Typical scenery on the Rochdale Canal beyond Hebden Bridge.




Pickwell & Arnold Long Term Moorings (Rochdale Canal)


Shawplains Lock No. 15 (Rochdale Canal)


Looking back to Shawplains Lock No 15


Lobb Mill Lock No. 16 where all three 'Trans-Pennine' modes of transport coincide - rail, road and canal.


Looking east from Lobb Mill Lock 16 as a biker goes by, popular route section on the Rochdale Canal.


Lock House on left by Lobb Mill Lock 16 (Rochdale Canal)



Lobb Mill Bridge 26 and Lobb Mill Lock 16



Woodhouse Bridge 27 and the old Woodhouse Mill converted into flats, a somewhat detached chimney still stands.


Old Royd Lock No. 17 (Rochdale Canal)


View east from Old Royd Lock No. 17 including a wrecked boat! (Rochdale Canal)


What a great piece of 'litter' near Lock 17 to spoil an otherwise beautiful scene.


Baltimore Bridge No. 29 (Rochdale Canal)


The canal bank at Todmorden in the heart of the South Pennines (Rochdale Canal)



Shop Lock 18 at Todmorden (Rochdale Canal)


Steel sculpture by the side of the Rochdale Canal in Todmorden (Rochdale Canal)


The Golden Lion pub by Changeline Bridge 30 (Rochdale Canal)


The Todmorden Guillotine Lock 19 (Rochdale Canal)


The Rochdale Canal just after Changeline Bridge 30 and Library Lock 19


The brick embankment at Todmorden, supporting an embankment above which the railway runs.

The 'Great Wall of Todmorden' is reputed to be made of 4 million bricks! awesome!





Bricks and the view west from Wadsworth Mill Lock 20 (Rochdale Canal)


Bridge 30a west of Todmorden (Rochdale Canal)



Shade Lock No. 21, looking back east towards Todmorden (Rochdale Canal)


Shade Lock 21 and first view of the famous Gauxholme viaduct Bridge 30b


View from Shade Lock 21 (Rochdale Canal)


The Gauxholme Viaduct carrying the Manchester-Leeds railway across the Rochdale Canal.

The Gauxholme viaduct was engineered by George Stephenson from 1839-1840, it has been modified to meet modern standards of bridge building but the bridge is still in use, see image below!




View of the Gauxholme Viaduct from the Gauxholme Lowest Lock 22


Lock 22


Left: Gauxholme Lowest Lock No 22. Right: Gauxholme Higher Lock No 23

(Rochdale Canal)


Left: Building by Lock 23. Right the railway viaduct arches of railway bridge 31a (see other pictures below)


Gauxholme Highest Lock 24 is between the two Gauxholme railway viaducts.


Looking back to Gauxholme Railway Viaduct No. Bridge 31a, with the arches on the right.

From now on up to the Summit the landscape opens out with a much more pleasing vista.


Pinnel Lock No. 26 (Rochdale Canal)


View from Alma Bridge No 33


The scene just before Hollings Lock 27 (Rochdale Canal)


The ? church and Travis Mill Lock No. 28


Nip Square Lock No. 29 (Rochdale Canal)


Left: The pound between Nip Square Lock 29 and Winterbutlee Lock 30 in the distance.


The Leeds-Manchester railway and Winterbutlee Lock 30


Left: Lightbank Lock No. 31 near the railway line.


A grand house and garden near Lightbank Lock 31


Views from Deanroyd Bridge 37 (Rochdale Canal)


Sands Lock 32


A narrow boat waiting to enter Sands Lock No. 32

BUCKINGHAM from Shire Cruises, Sowerby Bridge (Rochdale Canal)


View east from Lane Bottom Bridge 38


Bottomley Lock No. 33 (Rochdale Canal)




Stonehouse Bridge 39


View east from Warland Bridge 40


Warland Lower Lock No. 34 (Rochdale Canal)


Warland Upper Lock No. 35



Warland Upper Lock No. 35


Warland gate Swing Bridge 41, the only swing bridge between Sowerby Bridge and the Summit and Warland Upper Lock 35



The start of the Summit pound between Long Lees Lock 36 and West Summit Lock No. 37.


Longlees Lock No 36 at the eastern end of the Summit Pound (Rochdale Canal)


Looking back to Lock 36



Looking west along the Summit Pound (Rochdale Canal)


Eastern views of the Summit Pound.



West Summit Lock No 37 at the western Summit of the Rochdale Canal

The highest broad lock in England

West Summit Lock 37


The Summit pub just above the West Summit Lock 37, a most suitable place for refreshment on the most scenic section of the Rochdale canal.

APPENDIX: More pictures of Todmorden 'Tod'!

The Fielden Wharf fish sculpture, on the banks of the Rochdale Canal, Todmorden


There are some fine buildings in Todmorden, a compact friendly town.


The curved end of the Town Hall, Todmorden.


What a grand neo-classical building is Todmorden's Town Hall.


The Public Market in Todmorden.


The railway viaduct above Todmorden.


Todmorden station entrance and the Queen Hotel opposite.


Todmorden railway station with its little Platform One art gallery (displaying art project work from Todmorden High School and Year 6 Walsden Primary School)


A fine Gothic style building in Todmorden (a touch of Pugin?).


Handy Lidl store to stock up for the canal trip.


Another fine 'Georgian' building.


The White Hart pub in Todmorden



The Coffee@22 cafe in Todmorden with free WiFi internet connection.

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